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11 Vegan Deodorants Worth Trying

Make the switch to natural plant-powered deodorants for fresher pits!

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Make the switch to natural plant-powered deodorants for fresher pits!

When we talk about vegan deodorants, we highlight what they’re made without. Various harmful chemicals are put into these products without us even realizing it. But these brands put transparency at the forefront and empower us to advocate for our health and wellness. Check out these 11 vegan-friendly deodorant brands to find your new go-to!

Nez Care

After much trial-and-error with multiple aluminum-free deodorants, Nez Care founders Sherry Jhawar and Allison Statter created a vegan brand that offers fresh scents while keeping you dry all day long. You won’t find aluminum salts, parabens, or baking soda in these products!

Nez Care deodorants laying on counter

Courtesy of Nez Care


Vegan cult favorite Native carries a crowd-pleasing lineup of deodorants! Need something more gentle on the skin? Try their sensitive version! Grab yours in their regular packaging or go for their plastic-free option.

Native deodorants stacked

Courtesy of Native


This deodorant brand gives a pop of color to your medicine cabinet! Megababe stocks eye-catching products made for all skin types. An innovative must-try is the Cream Deo! Its creamy base is made with 5% AHAs and protects against body odor and ingrown hairs.

Megababe products on counter

Courtesy of Megababe


Fresh pits and sustainability go hand in hand with this vegan brand! PAPR’s deodorant is made with natural and safe ingredients while packaged in biodegradable paper. Their products boast fruit-forward notes like grapefruit, citrus, and bergamot.

PAPR deodorant on red background

Courtesy of PAPR

Each & Every

For some of us, transitioning to natural products can be a struggle. But Each & Every makes it easy with their clean and effective deodorants! Each item is carefully crafted with 100% essential oils to ensure safety and aromatic quality. A bestseller is Lemon & Lavender natural deodorant, a must-try for sensitive skin!

Each & Every deodorants on towel

Courtesy of Each & Every

Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet is filled with effective, vegan, and eco-conscious body care staples. Try their deodorant sticks or creams to stay fresh all day. Choose from botanical-infused scents like Vanilla Bean, Rose Geranium, and Eucalyptus Lemon!

Meow Meow Tweet products on shelves

Courtesy of Meow Meow Tweet


Nuud will become your next bodycare savior. Why? Because this vegan deodorant brand is made with a concentrated formula that lasts up to 3-7 days with just one application—that’s right, one! It blocks odor with its key ingredient, micro silver, and contains zero aluminum, salt, and fragrances.

Nuud product on couch

Courtesy of Nuud


Keep your pits cool and fresh all day long with Wild! Packaged in aesthetically pleasing cases, these deodorants come in plastic-free refillables. Choose between fruity and earthy scents like salted caramel popcorn, fresh cotton, and sea salt, and if your skin is more sensitive, opt for their mint and aloe vera option!

Person holding Wild product

Courtesy of Wild

Kopari Beauty

Kopari Aluminium-free Coconut Deodorant is a holy grail in the beauty community, and rightfully so! Its high-performing formula glides on smooth while leaving a non-sticky finish. Shop additional fragrances, including driftwood, beach, and gardenia.

Kopari product on surface

Courtesy of Kopari


PiperWai’s deodorant stick is made with activated charcoal to absorb moisture and prevent body odor, even for the sportiest pits! Additionally, their versatile formula soothes underarms with skin-conditioning and anti-inflammatory ingredients, making it a staple for all skin types.

Piper Wai deodorants

Courtesy of Piper Wai


If you’re considering switching to clean deodorants, Humble is the place to start! They feature an array of natural products that keep sweat and bacteria away while making the transition period stink-free. Choose between several botanical and floral scents, or go for their unscented deodorant stick!

Humble products surrounded by greenery

Courtesy of Humble

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