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How Axiology Is Paving the Way for Plastic-Free Beauty

Founder Ericka Rodriguez is revolutionizing the beauty industry with her zero-waste makeup line!

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Courtesy of Axiology

Founder Ericka Rodriguez is revolutionizing the beauty industry with her zero-waste makeup line!

Earth Day is every day for Axiology’s founder, Ericka Rodriguez! The vegan beauty brand is tackling mass waste in the cosmetic industry with plastic-free, zero-waste, and versatile products. Rodriguez is determined to reshift the conversation about overconsumption in the makeup community—we spoke to her about how she’s doing just that. Keep reading to learn how Axiology is paving the way for a plastic-free future.

Axiology’s Zero-Waste Lip Balmies

After taking a guided tour of her local landfill, Rodriguez saw firsthand the devastating effects of massive waste. “When I learned the amount of waste the cosmetic industry was contributing, which is over 120 billion units of trash every year, I didn’t feel like I could lead a brand that was also playing a huge part in the problem. So I figured out a way to still have a beauty company while leaving a positive environmental impact,” Rodriguez shared with VegOut. Her commitment to plastic-free vegan beauty led her to founding the beloved, eco-conscious brand, Axiology!

Now stocked with bestselling Balmie Sets, Axiology is a leading brand in sustainable beauty. Their products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and palm-oil free. Made with plant-based ingredients like castor seed oil, kokum seed butter, and sunflower seed oil, each balmie leaves a buttery smooth finish. A standout product is the Super Fan Pack which carries all 14 lippies. This must-have set consists of over 2,000 color combinations!

The Latina-owned brand’s newest launch is for those looking for a quick and easy pop of color on the go. Their Multi-Sticks deliver a healthy shine with a minimal hue of color for all skin tones. Shop from a wide range of eye-catching shades, from warm reds and oranges to cool pinks and browns.

Axiology lip products in a circle

Courtesy of Axiology

Axiology Is for the Planet and the People

Not only are Axiology’s products sustainably made, but they come packaged in upcycled boxes made from island litter. The vegan brand partners with a women’s co-op that transforms Bali paper waste into incredible packaging while providing workers a liveable wage. “I hope to inspire a change in thinking of makeup consumption, from how we package to the end result in our purchases. I want to reframe people’s and businesses’ minds in thinking about their long-term environmental impact,” Rodriguez shared.

We’re all doing our part to lower our carbon footprint, but Rodriguez’s main advice is “Buy what you need.” Taking inventory of your makeup collection and making more intentional product choices can reduce impulse purchases. And if you’re beginning your eco-conscious beauty journey, Axiology is the perfect place to start.

Axiology products in a line

Courtesy of Axiology

To learn more about Axiology, visit AxiologyBeauty.com. And remember to follow them on Instagram for new product launches!

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