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This Queer-Owned Salon Fosters a Safe Space in the LGBTQ+ Community

Head to this Austin-based beauty salon for your next shag, mullet, or mohawk!

Symbolica Salon Owners Gina Ruggirello and Jasmine Kokoszka styling models
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Symbolica Salon Owners Gina Ruggirello and Jasmine Kokoszka styling models Courtesy of Symbolica Salon

Head to this Austin-based beauty salon for your next shag, mullet, or mohawk!

Now more than ever, it’s crucial for LGBTQIA+ individuals to have a sanctuary. The rise of hateful rhetoric pummeling through Congress is impacting Queer folks nationwide. It’s important to remember that Pride was not a parade but a riot. An uprising that fought back against unwarranted police raids in gay bars across New York. Decades later, spots like Symbolica Salon cultivate a safe space for Queer individuals and carry the legacy of what Pride is about—love, power, and community.

This Austin-Based Hair Salon Champions Queer Beauty All Year Long

In 2019, shop owners Gina Ruggirello and Jasmine Kokoszka opened Symbolica Salon in Austin, Texas. The salon is a space that welcomes all genders and identities to channel their inner misfit. With a community-centered approach to their shop, they foster a welcoming environment for their customers. “For us, the most important things were to create a space where people could feel comfortable and safe to be and express who they are and receive validating and affirming services. At the time (and thankfully, some salons are getting away from this now), gendered haircuts and pricing were still the norm, so we opted for hourly rates to be inclusive and transparent,” Ruggirello shared with VegOut.

Symbolica’s Inclusive Hair Services

The Austin-based salon has done various eye-catching styles like shags, mullets, mohawks, bright dyes, and more. Additionally, they offer sliding scale rates as needed to ensure all services are accessible. “I never want anyone to feel like they can’t afford a proper service. I also make it clear that if anyone ever needs adjustments on their haircut after they wear it at home for a week or two to come back in and it’s complimentary to make adjustments,” said Ruggirello.

We’ve all been there when we’re too nervous (or it’s too late) to make changes in the middle of a haircut. But at this beauty spot, it’s no issue! Ruggirello shared, “I really like to listen to my guests and see what they are trying to express and ask questions about what they like or don’t like about their hair. Ultimately, people want to be heard, feel validated, and present as their best version.”

Symbolica Salon’s Impressive Lineup of Natural and Organic Hair Products

The salon uses top-quality products that deliver an exceptional experience every time. “Offering vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable products was also important to us. Thankfully both Jasmine and I had been in the industry for almost a decade, so we had had our hands on many products over the years,” shared Ruggirello. Symbolica’s product lineup comes from plant-forward and eco-friendly lines like Cult + King, Oway, and Original Moxie. To further lower waste, they also offer refills on various products.

So, if you’re ever in Austin, Texas and looking to get a neon green shag, visit Symbolica Salon—your hair will thank us later. To learn more about this incredible spot, visit SymbolcaSalon.com and remember to follow their Instagram for some amazing hair inspo.

Alejandra Tolley

Alejandra Tolley


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