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An Event Dedicated to Vegan Pork: Viva El Lechon Libre Cuban Festival Happening December 17 in Miami

The plant-based fest will take place in Tropical Park one week after the annual Miami pig roast.

Pan con Lechon from Aguacate
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Pan con Lechon Courtesy of Aguacate

The plant-based fest will take place in Tropical Park one week after the annual Miami pig roast.

In a city known for its love affair with pork, Aguacate Sanctuary of Love is challenging the status quo with the upcoming Viva El Lechon Libre festival. This unique event aims to celebrate evolved Latin cuisine by showcasing plant-based pork dishes, all while freeing the pig without giving up the pork.

Responding to the annual Miami pig roast scheduled for next month in Tropical Park, Aguacate Sanctuary of Love has strategically planned its festival on the very next weekend. The Viva El Lechon Libre festival promises a fresh perspective on Cuban and Latin flavors.

Pan con Lechon from Aguacate

Pan con Lechon Courtesy of Aguacate

Top Miami Chefs Compete for Best Pig-Free Pork Dish

Set to take place on Sunday, December 17, from 12pm to 6pm, this free festival invites the public to indulge in a cruelty-free culinary experience. Local eateries will present their top plant-based pork dishes, and attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite, crowning a People’s Choice winner for the best pig-free pork.

Bangara will tantalize taste buds with a mock pulled pork dish made from oyster mushrooms, while The Vegan Fritanga plans to serve a homemade pig-free ham alongside nactamal featuring jackfruit “pork.” JD’s VegMex offers a No Killa-Dilla with jackfruit pork and their famous vegan crunchwraps. Aguacate’s vegan cafe will showcase their bestselling Pan con Lechon, featuring jackfruit with Cuban mojo sauce and onions.

JD's VegMex

Crunchwrap Courtesy of JD’s VegMex

Entertainment Extravaganza

Beyond the culinary delights, the festival promises a lively atmosphere with live music, tropicana dancers, a kids’ bounce house, and wellness vendors, ensuring a vibrant celebration of Latin culture.

Honoring the Guest of Honor

While guests enjoy the festivities, a live pig rescued from a local slaughterhouse will be the guest of honor, spreading smiles and gratitude to those attending. The Viva El Lechon Libre festival stands as a testament to the evolving tastes and values in Miami’s culinary scene, proving that giving up traditional pork doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor and celebration.

Click here for more details and to join the guestlist.

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