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Zero Egg Is Making It Easier Than Ever to Ditch Eggs

The vegan egg brand is gearing up for big things in 2022.

Zero Egg

Photo courtesy of Zero Egg

The vegan egg brand is gearing up for big things in 2022.

There’s a new vegan egg in town! Plant-based egg brand Zero Egg is making it easier than ever to ditch animal-based eggs once and for all.

Vegan Eggs in US Foodservice

Zero Egg is a plant-based egg company that launched in foodservice in the US at the end of 2020. The vegan egg is marketed as an all-purpose vegan egg that works in any recipe as a simple one-for-one swap. It scrambles, binds, fluffs, and does everything that an animal-based egg would do in any recipe.

Since its debut, the brand has been entering into more and more restaurants throughout the US, which are using the vegan egg in a variety of dishes. Some notable restaurants currently carrying Zero Egg include Healthy Junk in California; Little Choc Apothecary and NuLeaf in New York; Social Market & Cafe Co in Atlanta; and Unburger in Michigan. For a full list of restaurants using Zero Egg, use the brand’s store locator.

Zero Egg’s US products include a fluffy egg patty perfect for breakfast sandwiches as well as a liquid that can be whipped into a scramble, fluffed into a variety of vegan desserts, or used in traditional breakfast dishes like French toast. Zero Egg is made from soy, potato, and chickpea protein, agar, pea powder, and turmeric extract.

Get Ready for More Vegan Eggs

Zero Egg is currently on a traveling marketing campaign to colleges and universities across the US to raise awareness for their product. The brand is passing out samples to college students and conducting a challenge to set the world record for the highest egg flip. By doing this, they hope to convey just how similar Zero Egg is to an animal-based egg and continue to raise awareness that choosing vegan eggs is better for the planet and the body.

To keep up with Zero Egg’s college tour, give them a follow on Instagram at @eatzeroegg, and visit ZeroEgg.com for more information about the brand and to stay updated about the exciting new plans they have in store for 2022.

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