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The World’s First Biodegradable Shoe is Here, and It’s Vegan

BLUEVIEW launched their first style of sustainable and biodegradable shoes on March 28.



BLUEVIEW launched their first style of sustainable and biodegradable shoes on March 28.

Eco-friendly applies to many things these days, but shoes are traditionally made with a lot of materials that aren’t exactly good for our planet. Not anymore! BLUEVIEW just launched its first line of biodegradable shoes … and they’re vegan!

The World’s First Vegan Biodegradable Shoe

BLUEVIEW is a sustainable footwear brand that has been working on the newly released fully biodegradable shoe for more than six years. The brand uses only plant-based materials to make the eco-friendly shoe, and every single piece of the shoe is biodegradable when composted.

The polyurethane foam used as the foundation for the shoe was developed over the course of six years. The innovative foam serves as the arch support and cupsole and outsole, while the brand developed a fully biodegradable machine-knitted shoe upper made from hemp and eucalyptus yarn for the main part of the shoe.

Each shoe also comes with a removable organic cotton strap, making the shoe easy to be worn as a loafer or a slip-on. The BLUEVIEW Pacific shoe retails for $135 and is currently available in five colors: Vintage Black, Sand Dune, Denim, Olive, and Overcast Gray. The shoes are available now for pre-order at BlueviewFootwear.com; all pre-orders are expected to ship out April 18-25.

Biodegradable Shoes That Are Better for the Planet

Tom Cooke, co-founder and president of BLUEVIEW, stated that “as a surfer, I’ve seen firsthand how our oceans are being affected by plastic pollution … I am proud to provide our customers with access to the world’s first biodegradable shoe.”

BLUEVIEW’s mission is to lead the global transition to more bio-based materials and more environmentally friendly production practices. To learn more about BLUEVIEW or to browse the full selection of styles, visit BlueviewFootwear.com. To learn more about the biodegradable process and see what the shoes look like when composted, click here.

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