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A Vegan-Friendly Women’s Sports Bar Is Opening in Portland This Week

The Sports Bra will hold its grand opening this Friday, April 1.

The Sports Bra

The Sports Bra

The Sports Bra will hold its grand opening this Friday, April 1.

It’s 2022 and we’re finally getting a sports bar dedicated to showing women’s sports! The Sports Bra is a vegan-friendly women’s sports bar that is opening in Portland this week.

Women’s Sports and Activism

If you’ve ever attempted to go to a sports bar to catch a women’s NCAA basketball game, a professional women’s soccer game, or virtually any other women’s sporting event, you know that the viewing options are often limited—if offered at all. According to The Sports Bra, 96% of all televised sporting events are men’s sports, with women’s sports earning a measly 4% coverage. This makes it nearly impossible to find a bar that is showing the game and, if it is, it’s often relegated to a smaller TV in a back room with no volume.

The team behind The Sports Bra in Portland is aiming to change that permanently when they open their doors on April 1. At The Sports Bra, they will always be airing women’s sports if there are any being televised. They have partnered with various sports media brands to ensure that they will be able to show as many games as possible. When there are times that no women’s sports are being televised, The Sports Bra will be turning off the TVs to bring awareness to the gap in coverage between men’s and women’s sports.

In addition to showing women’s sporting events, The Sports Bra will be decked out with art, trophies, and jerseys honoring female athletes and big moments in women’s sporting events, including a handmade quilt depicting the iconic moment Brandi Chastain made the World Cup-winning penalty kick and ripped off her jersey to celebrate.

Vegan Options at The Sports Bra Portland

Aside from making sure that they’re taking care of those who want to watch women’s sports, The Sports Bra is also making sure everyone can find something to eat at the restaurant, including vegans!

Vegan options will include variations of classic bar food, including fried cauliflower, a smash burger and a classic pub burger made with Beyond Meat, a Tempeh Reuben sandwich, and several salad and side options. Several gluten-free options are also available.

To learn more about this sports bar dedicated to women’s sports and to browse the full menu, visit TheSportsBraPDX.com.

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