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Whole30 Launches New Plant-Based Program

The popular dietary reset program is now open to vegans and vegetarians!


The popular dietary reset program is now open to vegans and vegetarians!

Whole30 is making history this year with the launch of their new plant-based Whole30 program—a dietary reset program that focuses on whole foods and the elimination of sugar and processed foods.

Whole30 Is Now Suitable for Vegans

Whole30 has gained popularity over the last decade or so with its elimination and reintroduction method. For 30 days, participants eliminate foods such as sugar, alcohol, and grains to create a more balanced diet, then they slowly reintroduce the foods one by one after the 30 days is complete. This method helps to identify food sensitivities and provides participants with a better understanding of foods that make them feel good, as well as foods that don’t work as well for their bodies.

For a long time, the program has largely been inaccessible to vegans and vegetarians due to its focus on animal-based proteins, but this new plant-based program is making it easier than ever for anyone to give the protocol a try. This method allows for the combination of the health benefits of a plant-based diet with the effectiveness of the Whole30 program.

The plant-based program will follow the traditional program in its removal of added sugars, alcohol, grains, and animal proteins. In lieu of animal-based proteins, participants will get their suggested amount of protein from legumes, nuts, unsweetened plant-based protein powders, and less-processed forms of soy. After 30 days, participants will slowly add each food back into their diets, taking note of how each one makes them feel.

Whole30: The Leading Nutritional Reset Program

Whole30 is currently the leading nutritional reset program, backed by medical and nutritional advisors as one of the best programs to help identify food sensitivities. The program focuses on Non-Scale Victories (NSV) rather than weight loss, making it a more balanced lifestyle change rather than just another diet.

To learn more about the plant-based Whole30 program, visit Whole30.com/plant-based.

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