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Violife’s Festive Vegan Cheese Platter Is Back for the Holidays

The holiday platter contains three of Violife’s popular cheddar flavors.


The holiday platter contains three of Violife’s popular cheddar flavors.

Bust out those cheese boards! Popular vegan cheese brand Violife is bringing back their EPIC Festive Cheese Platter for the holiday season, available in grocery stores nationwide.

Vegan Holiday Cheese Platter

Violife’s EPIC Festive Cheese Platter contains blocks of three of the brand’s most popular cheddar flavors: EPIC Mature Cheddar, EPIC Smoked Cheddar, and EPIC Garlic & Chilli Cheddar. All three blocks are vegan, nut-free, soy-free, and gluten-free, so they’re the perfect addition to any holiday cheese platter that everyone can enjoy.

EPIC Mature Cheddar is crumbly and has the texture and taste of traditional aged cheddar. This vegan cheese goes great as a stand-alone snack or melted on a grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup.

EPIC Smoked Cheddar has a mild smoky taste that pairs well with wine or with some crackers and jam as a part of a cheeseboard.

And the EPIC Garlic & Chilli Cheddar block is perfect if you like your cheese with a little kick! This vegan cheese goes great with a slice of fresh bread and dill pickles to balance out the spice.

Violife’s EPIC Festive Cheese Platter is currently available at grocery stores across the country, including Giant Carlisle, Giant Eagle, Haggen, Hy-Vee, MOM’s Organic, and Wegmans.

Violife: A Leading Vegan Cheese Brand

Violife is one of the leading vegan cheese brands and carries a range of products, from slices and shreds to a variety of cream cheeses.

One of their most popular products is their “Just Like Feta” cheese block, which was one of the original vegan Feta cheese products to go mainstream. Perfect in salads or as a garnish on pizza or pasta, this is a vegan cheese product you’ll definitely want to try.

Visit ViolifeFoods.com to browse the full selection of products, discover what stores near you carry the brand, or place an online order to be shipped directly to your house!

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