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Get Vegan Seafood Delivered to Your Door with Current Foods

Current Foods’ plant-based seafood is available for pre-order starting February 3.

Current Seafood

Current Foods’ plant-based seafood is available for pre-order starting February 3.

Current Foods, a leading brand in the plant-based seafood industry and one of TIME magazine’s best inventions of 2021, is launching the waitlist for its direct-to-consumer vegan seafood today, February 3.

Current Foods Brings Vegan Seafood Directly to Consumers

Current Foods, formerly Kuleana, has undergone a complete rebranding and has launched the waitlist for its plant-based and sushi-grade seafood. The rebranding comes on the heels of Current Foods’ entrance into the direct-to-consumer market.

Previously, the brand’s plant-based seafood products were exclusive to foodservice. The vegan seafood was found at popular Los Angeles-based grocery store Erewhon Market in the form of vegan tuna rolls and on the menu of eateries such as Blue Sushi Sake Grill and select Matthew Kenney Cuisine restaurants.

After a successful launch in 2021, the brand is moving into the direct-to-consumer market, while still maintaining plans to expand its presence in more restaurants and retail groups nationwide.

Starting today, February 3, Current Foods has opened the waitlist to the direct-to-consumer vegan seafood, which is sushi-grade and comes ready to eat. Current options include vegan tuna and vegan salmon. The vegan tuna comes in flavors such as Original, Roasted Sesame, Yuzu Chipotle, and Ginger Tamarind. The vegan salmon can be ordered in Smoked Black Pepper or Original Smoked. Join the waitlist here.

Vegan Seafood Made from Algae, Peas, and Bamboo

Current Foods launched in 2019 and has already achieved great success. TIME magazine named the brand’s vegan tuna as one of 2021’s Best Inventions, and the company is filling a hole in the market that many other brands have yet to tackle.

Current Foods makes its plant-based seafood products out of ingredients such as algae, radishes, peas, and bamboo. The products are high in protein and contain an appealing blend of omega-3 DHAs, vitamin B12, and fiber.

Visit CurrentFoods.com to learn more about the brand and to sign up for updates.

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