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Vegan Mexican Food Company Asanté Donates 2,000 Meals to LA-Based Food Bank

The 100% plant-based brand is donating four of its most popular products to help feed underserved communities in LA.

Los Angeles

The 100% plant-based brand is donating four of its most popular products to help feed underserved communities in LA.

This month, vegan Mexican food company Asanté donates 2,000 meals to LA-based food bank Meet Each Need with Dignity (MEND). MEND supplies 2.5 million pounds of food every year directly to families and individuals in need. Asanté will provide 500 four-meal packages of their plant-based Mexican food products to MEND for LA residents who are struggling with hunger and homelessness, especially in the city’s Latino community.

“As a Mexican plant-based company just entering the U.S. market, we were astonished at how the Latino community in Greater Los Angeles is suffering from a lack of access to healthy nutritious foods and we knew we had to do something for these families,” Iván Jiménez, Asanté Co-Founder and CEO, told VegOut.

Plant-Based Versions of Traditional Mexican Dishes

Asanté offers plant-based versions of traditional Mexican dishes, and recently debuted four products—Plant-Based Barbacoa Meat, Plant-Based Pork-Free Cochinita Pibil, Plant-Based Pork-Free Pastor, and Plant-Based Fishless Ceviche—each of which come in shelf-stable packs that provide 48g of protein, contain zero cholesterol, and are free from preservatives and soy.

Hunger Action Month

Asanté is donating its four new products to MEND, which will then distribute the food to families struggling to make ends meet, low-income seniors, and people who are homeless. The donation also comes just in time for Hunger Action Month, a global movement that takes place during the month of September.

“Asanté is a start-up just entering the U.S. market but we are calling on all plant-based brands to follow our lead and give back to their community during Hunger Action Month. This is not just about feeding those in need but also about providing them with nutritious meals that combat issues such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, which are especially prevalent in the Hispanic community,” Lori Amos, CMO at Asanté, told VegOut.

Asanté’s products are currently sold directly to consumers across the country, and will soon be featured on grocery store shelves, in restaurants, and even on taco trucks in Southern California. For more information on the company, visit asante.us or follow them on Instagram at @asantefoods_usa.

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