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New Vegan Mexican Bakery Opens in LA for Pickup and Delivery

A new vegan Mexican bakery just opened in Woodland Hills, serving some of the finest authentic Mexican treats.

Los Angeles

A new vegan Mexican bakery just opened in Woodland Hills, serving some of the finest authentic Mexican treats.

A new vegan Mexican bakery just opened in LA, serving classic Mexican treats. The Woodland Hills spot, Amanta Desserts, is taking orders for some of the most authentic Mexican desserts in the Los Angeles area, including popular pan dulce, such as conchas, polvorones, and pan de elote. Promoting love, sustainability, and responsibility, this low-waste business utilizes organic ingredients sourced primarily from local suppliers.

Amanta Founders Bring Authentic Mexican Desserts to LA

Lis Ruiz and Rudy Galvan, both Mexican immigrants, came to America with a love of their culture, traditions, and treats. After moving to Los Angeles, the two knew that they wanted to offer an authentic Mexican experience. So, through trial-and-error, they found the best recipes to make their treats comparable to their non-vegan counterparts. Homemade, fresh sweets are at the heart of Mexican culture, and Amanta founders are bringing authentic Mexican treats to LA to show the world that those traditional delectables can be enjoyed in a sustainable plant-based way.

Amanta’s Authentic Vegan Pan Dulce

In addition to their regularly offered authentic vegan pan dulce, Amanta stocks seasonal options such as Day of the Dead Bread (Pan de Muerto), Rosca de Reyes, and Buñuelos. Mexico’s most famous pan dulce are conchas, and Amanta offers four flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, matcha, and hibiscus. The polvorones, or Mexican shortbread cookies, come available in orange and pecan, and the brand’s current selection of loaves includes chocolate banana and lemon glaze. And it doesn’t stop there! Amanta is constantly experimenting with new recipes to enhance their vegan treats, and they regularly offer brand new creations.

Ruiz and Galvan have plans to open a brick-and-mortar in the San Fernando Valley sometime in the future. Find Amanta on Instagram at @amantadesserts for menu and ordering. Be sure to place orders two days in advance.

Ari Somerfield

Ari Somerfield

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