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Vegan Circus Wins ‘Best Classic Grilled Cheese’ at Sacramento Grilled Cheese Festival

The plant-based food truck was the only vegan vendor at the event.

Vegan Circus

Courtesy of Vegan Circus

The plant-based food truck was the only vegan vendor at the event.

Vegan Circus, a plant-based food truck, took home the prestigious title of “Best Classic Grilled Cheese” at the recent Sacramento Grilled Cheese Festival. Sponsored by compassionate advocates Only Sunshine Sanctuary and Maginis Roofing, Vegan Circus showcased the tantalizing possibilities of plant-based cuisine, surprising judges and attendees alike with its flavorful creations.

Kristy Venrick-Mardon, founder of Only Sunshine Sanctuary, expressed her excitement about supporting Vegan Circus, stating, “We sponsored Vegan Circus to highlight the diversity and flavor of cruelty-free cuisine. Witnessing people’s reactions and surprise that it was vegan was truly inspiring.”

Sparking Enthusiasm and Curiosity About Plant-Based Cuisine

Throughout the festival, Vegan Circus and Only Sunshine Sanctuary sparked conversations about plant-based cuisine by distributing over 800 grilled cheese samples, igniting enthusiasm and curiosity among festival-goers. Despite standing as the lone vegan vendor amidst a sea of traditional grilled cheese offerings, Vegan Circus captivated both judges and attendees with their inventive plant-based creation.

Drea Mason, founder of Vegan Circus, shared her enthusiasm for the win, stating, “We’re stoked to have won ‘Best Classic Grilled Cheese’—we’re proud to show proof that vegan cheese can be just as, and even more delicious, than traditional cheese. We couldn’t have done it without the support of Only Sunshine Sanctuary.”

For more information on Vegan Circus, visit Vegan-Circus.com.

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