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UnChainedTV: The Free Vegan Streaming Service You’ve Been Waiting For

UnChainedTV will feature vegan documentaries, news segments, cooking shows, and more and is available as a free downloadable app.

Unchained TV

UnChainedTV will feature vegan documentaries, news segments, cooking shows, and more and is available as a free downloadable app.

Have you ever jumped from Netflix to Amazon to Hulu and back again searching for a good vegan documentary? Or scoured YouTube in hopes of finding details about a news story that your favorite station isn’t covering? If so, then UnChainedTV is the free vegan streaming service you’ve been waiting for.

Free Vegan Documentaries and Cooking Shows

UnChainedTV is brought to you by Emmy award-winning producer Eamonn McCrystal of InspiredTV and JaneUnchained.com. The mission behind the streaming service is to provide thought-provoking content that many mainstream media outlets overlook—such as documentaries on food sovereignty and news stories on how diet affects climate change—as well as inspiring vegan content like films and cooking shows.

Many well-known documentaries will be available to stream, such as Earthlings, The Invisible Vegan, and Vegucated. Alongside these mainstream documentaries will be profiles and interviews of vegan athletes and business owners.

UnChainedTV will also feature the newest season of the acclaimed vegan cooking show New Day New Chef, which will play host to some of the top vegan chefs around the world, including Matthew Kenney, Babette Davis, Angela Means Kaaya, and Ron Russell. The first episode of the new series kicks off with the vegan cheese queen herself, Miyoko Schinner, making mushroom-based scallops. New Day New Chef is hosted by Jane Velez-Mitchell of JaneUnchained alongside a revolving list of vegan celebrities, including former professional basketball player John Salley, Olympian Dotsie Bausch, and Lesley Nicol of Downton Abbey.

UnChainedTV: A Place for Vegan News

But UnChainedTV won’t just be the place to watch an informative documentary or get tips on how to make your vegan cheese sauce better. Jane Velez-Mitchell is bringing her extensive experience as a journalist and mainstream media host to the platform and has plans to make UnChainedTV a place where viewers can turn to find the breaking news stories that many media outlets overlook.

Already, UnChainedTV’s coverage of COP26 includes a breaking news report on Extinction Rebellion’s powerful die-in and discussions surrounding the hypocrisy of serving meat at a summit dedicated to climate change awareness. In the future, expect to see live broadcasts as UnChainedTV expands its network.

UnChainedTV can be downloaded on your smartphone or via Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV. Visit UnChainedTV.com for a full list of compatible devices and to read more about the vegan streaming service.

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