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The Indiana State Fair Welcomes Its First All-Vegan Vendor

The Black Leaf Vegan food truck is making history with its plant-based nachos and loaded brats.

Black Leaf Vegan

The Black Leaf Vegan food truck is making history with its plant-based nachos and loaded brats.

Live music, Ferris wheel rides, and go-kart racing are just a few of the fun festivities to experience at the Indiana State Fair. While most vegans would assume there would be no plant-based options, that’s not the case this summer. After 165 years of operating, the Indiana State Fair hosts its first all-vegan vendor—Black Leaf Vegan.

Black Leaf Vegan

Co-owners Derrick and Taria Slack initially launched Black Leaf Vegan as a pop-up last year. This spring, the couple transitioned their business to a food truck and made history as the first and only licensed vegan food truck in Indianapolis. Serving up drool-worthy comfort foods like burgers, brats, and mac ‘n’ cheese, it didn’t take long for Black Leaf Vegan to gain a customer base.

Vegan Options at the Indiana State Fair

Before this year, satisfying vegan options at the Indiana State Fair were nonexistent. With the increase of plant-based food options at restaurants and gatherings across the country, it was only natural that an event at this capacity would follow suit.

On July 30th, the Indiana State Fair opened for the summer with Black Leaf Vegan as one of the many food vendors. But what sets this food truck apart from the rest is its plant-based menu. This is the first time in the fair’s 165-year history that an all-vegan food vendor is on-site to serve the masses.

Vegan Brats, Nachos, and Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Black Leaf Vegan’s special event menu features loaded vegan brats, nachos, and mac ‘n’ cheese. The brat is packed with peppers, onions, coleslaw, cheese, and heaps of sauce. The nachos are piled high with ground “beef,” guacamole sauce, cheese, coleslaw, sour cream, and a mango pico de gallo. And as for the mac ‘n’ cheese, it’s the perfect amount of creamy, cheesy, and delicious.

After their first day at the state fair, the Black Leaf Vegan team wrote in an Instagram caption, “As the first all-vegan food vendor, it was touching to see so many people rooting for us to succeed. So many vendors came over to offer advice, equipment, assistance, navigation, love, encouragement, support, and make a purchase even when they knew we couldn’t eat what they were serving. Anyone who says we can’t work together is vastly mistaken and is probably the one you shouldn’t work with. A salute to all [who] have helped us turn ‘one day’ into DAY ONE!”

The Indiana State Fair is operating Wednesdays through Sundays until August 22. You can find Black Leaf Vegan on the north side of the fairgrounds between stops 7 and 8. For more information, visit IndianaStateFair.com and BlackLeafVegan.com.

Photo credit: Indiana State Fair

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