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Seasoned Vegan’s New Takeout Concept Opens Today in NYC’s East Village

This NYC mother-son vegan team is back with new culinary delights!

Seasoned Vegan
New York

Courtesy of Seasoned Vegan

This NYC mother-son vegan team is back with new culinary delights!

Seasoned Vegan Real Quick, a novel vegan concept, opens its doors today, August 23. Spearheaded by mother and son restaurateurs Brenda “Chef B” Beener and Aaron Beener, Seasoned Vegan Real Quick brings a fresh twist to their culinary legacy with a focus on quick-service takeout and delivery. This venture follows the closure of their beloved Harlem restaurant, Seasoned Vegan, earlier this spring after a successful nine-year run, attracting an eclectic array of fans, from musical luminaries like Stevie Wonder and India Arie to social justice advocates Danny Glover, Colin Kaepernick, and Cory Booker.

Seasoned Vegan Real Quick Opens in East Village

The latest chapter in the Beener family’s vegan journey, Seasoned Vegan Real Quick opens in a charming, albeit smaller space located in the East Village at 128 Second Ave, near St. Marks Place. In a departure from their previous full-service model, the new restaurant offers an array of delicious dishes crafted with the essence of the family’s New Orleans heritage. The focus is on convenience without compromising on flavor or quality.

Seasoned Vegan menu options

Courtesy of Seasoned Vegan

Signature Vegan “Crawfish” Sandwiches Steal the Spotlight

With a nod to their New Orleans roots, the culinary duo introduces a tantalizing trio of sandwiches that embody their creative spin on traditional flavors. The star attractions are two sandwiches featuring their unique signature grilled burdock root “crawfish.” The Craw Pretzel Boy tantalizes taste buds with its remoulade sauce and pretzel bun, delivering a vegan twist on the iconic crawfish po’ boy. For those seeking a tangy kick, the BBQ Craw Sandwich boasts a luscious coat of bayou BBQ sauce, celebrating the rich flavors of Southern cuisine.

A Vegan Culinary Adventure Beyond Sandwiches

Beyond sandwiches, Seasoned Vegan Real Quick plans to delight patrons with a variety of offerings. The menu features the SV Nugget Sandwich and Lemon Crusted Nuggets, both crafted from soy protein to ensure a satisfying plant-based experience. Complementing these tantalizing entrees are fries accentuated with Cajun seasoning, adding a zesty kick to each bite. And no meal would be complete without a dash of sweetness—indulge in the enticing allure of housemade organic desserts, including the Raw Cheesecake (crafted from cashews, walnuts, and dates). Alternatively, try their Salted Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies and yummy cupcakes.

Seasoned Vegan Real Quick: Mother-Son Business

Brenda Beener, a trailblazing figure in the vegan food movement, embarked on her culinary journey in 2010, when vegan options were a rarity in her Harlem neighborhood. The culinary visionary teamed up with her son Aaron in 2014 to open the doors of Seasoned Vegan, which quickly earned a reputation as a haven for delectable vegan cuisine. Even during the challenging times of the pandemic, the pair pivoted their strategy to focus on takeout and delivery, a move that paved the way for Seasoned Vegan Real Quick.

Seasoned Vegan Owners

Seasoned Vegan Owners Aaron Beener (left), Brenda Beener (center), and Pascal Rawls-Philippe Photo by Seasoned Vegan

Seasoned Vegan Real Quick will operate from 11am to 12am daily, beginning August 23. The restaurant will offer takeout and delivery services only and will be located at 128 Second Ave, New York, NY 10003. Follow @seasonedvegan on Instagram to stay updated.

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