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More Athletes Are Embracing a Plant-Based Lifestyle: This NYC Spot Keeps Them Fueled

Several NBA and NFL players have recently been spotted at Plant Junkie in New York.

NFL Champ Justin Hollins at Plank Junkie
New York

NFL Champ Justin Hollins at Plank Junkie Courtesy of Plant Junkie

Several NBA and NFL players have recently been spotted at Plant Junkie in New York.

In the bustling streets of New York City, a hidden gem is attracting the attention of some of the biggest names in the NBA and NFL. Plant Junkie, the newest plant-based vegan comfort food spot, has become a favorite among health-conscious athletes who are seeking nutritious and delicious meals amidst their busy schedules. Located discreetly in Urbanspace food hall on W 52nd street, Plant Junkie may seem modest, but its reputation is spreading rapidly.

Athletes Embracing a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Green Bay Packers linebacker Justin Hollins, Giants player Darren Waller, and NBA star Rudy Gay are just a few of the notable athletes who have been spotted relishing the tantalizing dishes at Plant Junkie. Hollins was recently seen savoring a mouth-watering low country bowl, which features a delightful combination of plant-based Buffalo wings, mac and cheese, and garlic broccoli. Waller, on the other hand, delighted in the popular Bangkok bowl, showcasing the diverse range of options available at the eatery. Even before leaving town, Rudy Gay couldn’t resist picking up a few dishes for lunch. Joining these athletes in their love for the restaurant’s vegan fare are Giants players Jashaun Corbin and Makai Polk.

These athletes are part of a growing movement among professional sports personalities who have embraced plant-based diets for their numerous health and performance benefits. A recent report by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine highlights the surge in professional athletes adopting plant-based eating habits. The underlying motivation behind this shift lies in the mounting evidence that suggests plant-based diets contribute to overall health improvement, inflammation reduction, and enhanced athletic performance.

NBA star Rudy Gay grabbing takeout from Plant Junkie

NBA star Rudy Gay grabbing takeout from Plant Junkie Courtesy of Plant Junkie

Plant Junkie’s Mission

Plant Junkie co-founder and CEO, Nat Milner, said, “Our mission has always been to make it easy and convenient for people to make healthy, plant-based choices, and we are proud to be a destination for athletes who are looking to fuel their bodies with the best possible nutrition.”

Plant Junkie has quickly risen to prominence as the go-to lunch spot for health-conscious athletes in New York City. With its central location and an array of delectable plant-based dishes, the restaurant has become a favorite among top NBA and NFL athletes. These athletes join a growing number of professionals who recognize the potential health and performance benefits of a plant-based diet. As the word spreads about Plant Junkie’s delicious vegan cuisine, it continues to solidify its reputation as a destination for those seeking nutritious, flavorful, and convenient plant-based options.

Plant Junkie is located at 152 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019. Visit PlantJunkieUSA.com for more information.

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