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You’ll Love the Real-Life Stars in Oatly’s New YouTube Series ‘Will It Swap?’

The alternative milk brand debuted a new cooking show featuring real people swapping out regular dairy for non-dairy alternatives in their favorite recipes.

Love cooking series but wish they focused on real people instead of celebrities? Oatly’s new YouTube series Will It Swap? is the show for you!

Oatly Helps Real People Choose Non-Dairy Options

Last week, alternative milk brand Oatly debuted a new cooking series on YouTube called Will It Swap? Like everything else Oatly does, this show throws the traditional cooking series model out the window. Instead, it focuses on real people, with real stories and real recipes.

Completely character-driven, the four-episode series challenges typical people to swap out the dairy in their time-tested recipes for Oatly’s non-dairy options instead. The show has a feel-good, wholesome vibe as each episode’s main character shares a bit about their life, history, and favorite recipes.

And these real people aren’t vegans, or even close to it! Oatly purposefully chose people who had never heard of or tried vegan alternatives to ensure that, if the “swap” was successful, it would be genuine.

Episode 1 features a lovable (yet skeptical) Italian man named Vic. Vic takes the Oatly crew with him as he drives around Brooklyn gathering ingredients for his famed cream puffs. Episode 4 features an endearing Indian family as they use Oatly in several family recipes for a large family dinner.

Oatly products featured in the series include Full Fat Oatly, Oatgurt, and Whippable Creamy Oat.

So will these non-dairy products pass the taste test in these time-tested recipes? Check out the non-dairy cooking series to find out!



More Americans Than Ever Are Looking For Non-Dairy Baking Swaps

Oatly recently conducted a survey in which they found that 71% of Americans would consider swapping in plant-based products while cooking or baking. However, 53% cited a reluctance to try new plant-based products due to taste.

Will It Swap? is Oatly’s response to this survey, showing that non-dairy alternatives can taste just as good as dairy options!

For more information about Oatly and its newest campaign, visit Oatly.com.

Cayla White


Cayla has been writing for VegOut since 2020 and has been plugged into the LA vegan food scene since Veggie Grill was pretty much the only vegan restaurant in the city. Aside from writing articles, Cayla enjoys embracing their inner 85-year-old by listening to classical music, making playlists for their friends, and staying active through swimming, hiking, cycling, and yoga. In their free time, Cayla likes writing poetry, learning about outdoor survival and alternative lifestyles, and is always searching for the best loaf of sourdough bread.

Must-have products: Trader Joe’s Tangerine Juice, Miyoko’s Vegan Butter, Chef Hak’s Plant-Based Caesar Dressing, Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce

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