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Midwesterners Rejoice: Oatly Is Now Available at All Meijer Locations

You can now find Oatly chilled and shelf-stable varieties on the shelves of this popular Midwest grocery chain.


Courtesy of Oatly

You can now find Oatly chilled and shelf-stable varieties on the shelves of this popular Midwest grocery chain.

Oatly is making waves in the American heartland as it partners with Meijer, the iconic family-owned Midwestern retailer. Oatly’s signature products, including Oatly Original and Full Fat 64oz chilled oat milks, are now gracing the shelves of all 265 Meijer locations. What’s more, Oatly’s 32oz shelf-stable Original and Barista Edition are joining the roster. This expansion reflects Oatly’s unwavering commitment to broadening its distribution network across the United States, spanning both retail and foodservice outlets.

A Flavorful Introduction to Meijer Shoppers

Mike Messersmith, President of Oatly North America, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “As we continue to grow our retail footprint throughout the US, Meijer represents an important step for us. Presence at the beloved Midwestern retailer allows us to introduce our oat milk products to new customers and new audiences. We’re excited for them to try Oatly and experience all the ways our products can be incorporated into their routines—from morning coffee, to cooking recipes, enjoying cereal, and more.”

Oatly: The Sustainable Alternative

Oatly has carved a niche for itself by producing delicious non-dairy milk alternatives that rival the creamy taste and frothy feel of cow’s milk while boasting a lower climate impact. Oatly Original, Full Fat, and Barista Edition oatmilks sold in the US are crafted from 100% gluten-free oats, containing no dairy, no nuts, and no GMOs. With Oatly, consumers can enjoy their favorite dairy-based treats guilt-free.

Discover Oatly

For those curious about Oatly’s wide-ranging portfolio of products, a visit to Oatly.com provides a comprehensive overview. From milk alternatives to ice cream, yogurt, cooking creams, spreads, and on-the-go drinks, Oatly’s dedication to oats shines through in each and every product.

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