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NadaMoo! Scoop Shop in Austin, Texas to Close This Week

The vegan ice cream shop will be indefinitely closing its brick-and-mortar location on February 27.


Photo courtesy of NadaMoo!

The vegan ice cream shop will be indefinitely closing its brick-and-mortar location on February 27.

NadaMoo!, one of the original vegan ice cream brands on the market, has announced the indefinite closure of its scoop shop in Austin, Texas on February 27.

Vegan Ice Cream Shop in Austin, Texas Closes

NadaMoo! will be closing its brick-and-mortar vegan ice cream shop for an indefinite period beginning February 27. The owners made the announcement in an Instagram post on Wednesday, citing the pandemic and workforce challenges as the main reason for closing the shop. The closure is not permanent, but the team does not have any set reopening plans at this point. The owners of NadaMoo! shared that they plan to use this time to renovate the brick-and-mortar location and reevaluate the future direction of the shop.

To celebrate the success of the store and say thank you to all of its loyal customers, NadaMoo! will be hosting a going away party at the shop. From now until February 27, the shop will be offering half off all pints and scoops. Use code “Nada50” for all online orders, or simply pop into the shop to receive the discount in person.

Vegan Ice Cream That Ships Nationwide

NadaMoo! was one of the first vegan ice cream brands to go mainstream. The brand was launched in 2005 as a family business making dairy-free ice cream from coconuts. The brand’s retail presence has continued to evolve, and NadaMoo! currently boasts more than 20 flavors of vegan ice cream available by the pint.

While the scoop shop may be closing, NadaMoo!’s retail business will continue to operate as usual. Pints of the popular vegan ice cream are available for nationwide shipping, as well as in a variety of large grocery retailers across the US, such as Target, Stater Bros., Smart & Final, Whole Foods, and Publix. To find the closest store near you carrying the brand, use NadaMoo!’s store locator, and browse the full selection of available flavors here.

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