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Millie Bobby Brown Launches Vegan Fragrance Line

Introducing Wildly Me, an extension of the celeb’s cruelty-free beauty brand, Florence by Mills.

florence by mills

Courtesy of florence by mills

Introducing Wildly Me, an extension of the celeb’s cruelty-free beauty brand, Florence by Mills.

Florence by mills beauty, the brainchild of actress Millie Bobby Brown, has taken a bold step by announcing its venture into the world of fragrances with the launch of their debut scent, Wildly Me. This move comes as a natural extension of the brand’s philosophy, centered around redefining beauty as an expression of self-love and acceptance. The fragrance, priced between $24 and $65 depending on size, embodies the essence of individuality and authenticity.

Wildly Me: A Vision Transformed Into Fragrance

Millie Bobby Brown, the founder of florence by mills beauty, shared her motivation behind the fragrance launch. Created to fill the gap for clean and high-quality products, the brand’s evolution has now culminated in Wildly Me. This fragrance encapsulates Brown’s personal journey into adulthood, capturing the idea of forging one’s own path and embracing one’s unique identity. After two years in the making, the fragrance stands as a testament to Brown’s passion and commitment to the brand’s ethos.

Collaborating with Givaudan, a renowned fragrance house with a legacy spanning over 250 years, florence by mills beauty has created Wildly Me. The scent transports wearers to a botanical haven where vibrant bergamot and calming sage mingle with the allure of purple iris, blooming wisteria, and fresh lavender. Infused with enchanting periwinkle florals, the fragrance is grounded in the depth of sandalwood and upcycled cedarwood, forming a harmonious blend that resonates with the spirit of self-discovery.

Wildly Me

Courtesy of florence by mills

Pioneering in the Gen Z Beauty Landscape

Florence by mills beauty has garnered significant attention as the third most Googled celebrity brand and one of the most followed beauty accounts on social media. With Wildly Me, the brand extends its innovative prowess into the fragrance realm, catering to the Gen Z demographic’s sensibilities. The elegantly designed frosted glass bottle is a testament to the brand’s commitment to beauty.

Embrace Wildly Me and Embrace Yourself

As florence by mills beauty launches Wildly Me, the brand continues its mission of championing self-love and self-expression. Millie Bobby Brown’s journey of crafting this fragrance resonates with the aspirations of many, and the scent invites wearers to embark on their own odyssey of authenticity.

To explore the offerings of florence by mills beauty and discover Wildly Me, visit their website at FlorenceByMills.com and join the conversation on Instagram at @florencebymills.

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