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Lush Launches Limited-Edition Barbie Collection, and It’s 100% Vegan

Lush is going pink for its collaboration with Mattel.

Lush vegan Barbie line

Courtesy of Lush

Lush is going pink for its collaboration with Mattel.

Lush and Mattel have joined forces to elevate self-care routines everywhere. The limited-edition Barbie x Lush Collection celebrates the power of pink as a symbol of empowerment, daring, and fearlessness.

Barbie x Lush Collaboration

Barbie, known for her unwavering determination and resilience, finds a perfect partner in Lush, a brand renowned for its commitment to fresh, handmade, cruelty-free, and minimal-packaging cosmetics. The collection embodies the essence of both brands, combining Barbie’s quintessential pink hue with Lush’s dedication to quality and sustainability.

Lush’s innovative products, from soaps to bath bombs and bubble bars, challenge the norms of over-packaging in the cosmetics industry. By offering packaging-free products and encouraging customers to participate in the company’s recycling program, Lush sets a high standard for eco-conscious practices.

The Barbie x Lush Collection is a comprehensive self-care experience, from bath bombs to body balms. With products like the Barbie Bath Bomb, which transforms the bath into a sparkling pink oasis, or the Barbie Pink Shampoo, formulated with marshmallow root infusion and fresh fruit juices, the collection promises relaxation and indulgence.

Embracing the Power of Pink

Melody Morton, Creative Concepts Director at Lush Cosmetics, shared, “Partnering with an icon like Barbie is truly a dream come true for Lush. Barbie continues to push boundaries and doesn’t let anyone underestimate her abilities. We imagined what Barbie’s self-care routine would look like and created this range, meant to be used and loved by all. The collection is for everyone who wants to embrace the power of the color pink!”

Shop the Collection in Stores and Online

The Barbie x Lush Collection made its debut exclusively on the Lush app on August 9, followed by the online release on August 10. And now, for those who prefer in-store experiences, the collection is available in Lush stores as of August 18.

The collection comprises an array of products that channel the spirit of Barbie, including the Barbie Bubble Bar, Barbie Jelly Mask, Barbie Body Spray, and more. With prices ranging from $8.50 to $55, this empowering collection offers a diverse selection to cater to all self-care preferences.

Shop the new Barbie collection now at Lush.com.

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