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Loco Coco Expands to Brooklyn, Adds Vegan Soft Serve

This fast-casual smoothie spot is now serving colorful sips and vibrant bites in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood!

Loco Coco
New York

Loco Coco

This fast-casual smoothie spot is now serving colorful sips and vibrant bites in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood!

This month, Loco Coco expands to Brooklyn. The eatery specializes in superfood smoothies, fresh-pressed juices, and colorful smoothie bowls, each of which is 100% vegan. The new Brooklyn location is the second site for the smoothie spot, which was originally opened on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in 2017 by Max Alcobi. With a second location under its belt, the brand plans to open more stores throughout the year at Columbia University, Hudson Yards, and on the West Coast in Los Angeles.

A Fast-Casual Smoothie Spot with a Tropical, Modern Atmosphere

A fast-casual smoothie spot with a tropical, modern atmosphere, Loco Coco draws inspiration from traditional fruit stands and pays homage to cultures and destinations from around the world. The colorful interior features a bar area where guests can enjoy vegan, fruit-forward juices, smoothies, and bowls made with exotic fruits and superfoods, such as pitaya, acai, aloe, passion fruit, jackfruit, and goji berries.

New menu items include a variety of lattes and sodas, such as iced matcha, matcha turmeric golden milk, hot pitaya oat milk matcha, and gazoz, an Israeli homemade soda comprised of fermented fruit superfood tonics that are carbonated and packed with probiotics.

In addition, vegan soft serve is also available and features superfood ingredients like blue lavender, oat milk, freshwater spirulina, fresh dragon fruit, vitamin C crystals, and sustainably sourced Madagascar vanilla bean.

Eco-Friendly Coconut Bowls and Utensils

Loco Coco aims to reduce their environmental footprint with sustainable practices, which is why they use eco-friendly coconut bowls and utensils. The bowls and utensils used at the eatery are made with sustainable materials like bamboo and paper, with the option to upgrade to a reusable coconut bowl. Coconut bowls are made by Loco Coco’s sustainable partner from Taiwan—a company that harvests wild coconuts and uses the husks for construction material. Guests who return their coconut bowls will also receive 10% off their order. Additionally, pineapples are also available as a serving bowl and double as a fruity snack.

Loco Coco Williamsburg is located at 152 N 4th St Brooklyn, New York 11211. Learn more at Loco-Coco.com.

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