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Introducing Casa Verde: New Ready-to-Eat Latin Vegan Meals

The new line features everything from red bean pozole to garbanzos al pastor and is ready to eat in 60 seconds!

Casa Verde

Photo courtesy of Casa Verde

The new line features everything from red bean pozole to garbanzos al pastor and is ready to eat in 60 seconds!

This month, a Latin food company has launched a new line of ready-to-eat plant-based meals. Founded by Guatemalan-born Harry Lewis, Ilinel Food Company recently launched Casa Verde, a line of affordable, ready-to-eat entrees for consumers nationwide. The brand offers four different entrees—Garbanzos Al Pastor, Lentil Mole, Coconut Chowder, and Red Bean Pozole—all of which are 100% plant-based, organic, sustainably sourced, kosher, and non-GMO.

Exploring Wellness and Latin Roots

Casa Verde was founded as a way to provide affordable, nourishing plant-based meals to communities nationwide. While developing their line of ready-to-eat meals, the company wanted to re-invent heavily meat-based Latin dishes while still keeping the flavors and heart of Latin America in the foods.

Lewis, who left his corporate career to explore his own wellness and Latin roots, was inspired to create a product that is innovative and completely plant-based, while still acknowledging Latin America’s food and culinary culture.

“I believe that brands have the power to change the world, change behaviors, and help solve big problems,” Lewis told VegOut. “With Casa Verde, we believe that eating delicious, healthy, and nutritious food shouldn’t come with a premium, be complicated, or restricted to those who can afford it. I’m so proud to share my roots, my values, and a little bit of the flavor from where I come from, while giving back to the country that has opened its doors to me and at the same time helping communities grow through affordable wellness and nurturing hearts.”

Packaged Entrees Made with Traditional Latin Flavors

Casa Verde’s first line of meals was developed by Ecuadorian American chef, restaurant owner, and Iron Chef Jose Garces. The packaged entrees are made with traditional Latin flavors and are both simple and quick to prepare. Each meal contains vegetables, beans, spices, and herbs sourced from Mexico’s fruit and vegetable markets and then cooked in kettles, sealed, and placed in an oven.

“It’s been quite a journey exploring and reinventing Latin cuisine using a plant-based format,” Chef Garces told VegOut. “I was challenged to not only make something delicious, but healthy and affordable. I’ve had such a great time learning about different flavors and ingredients and bringing them together to make something truly special and remarkable. You don’t need to eat meat to get the traditional Latin cuisine feel. You can eat plant-based foods, feel really good about it, and still have something delicious to enjoy.”

Where to Buy Casa Verde

Casa Verde’s plant-based meals can be purchased on the company’s direct-to-consumer website, EatCasaVerde.com.

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