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IHOP Adds Vegan Breakfast Sandwich to Menu in NYC

The new fast-casual branch of IHOP has added a fully vegan breakfast sandwich to the menu at its New York location.

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The new fast-casual branch of IHOP has added a fully vegan breakfast sandwich to the menu at its New York location.

The year of more vegan options continues! Flip’d by IHOP, the new fast-casual branch of the popular diner, has just announced its first fully vegan option.

Vegan Breakfast Sandwich at Flip’d by IHOP

The Plant-Based Cali sandwich at Flip’d by IHOP is fully vegan, making it the brand’s first vegan meal offering. The breakfast sandwich is made with a Sweet Earth plant-based sausage patty, Just Egg, Arugula, roasted tomatoes, and avocado on a vegan bun. This vegan sandwich is available for $7.49, while its non-vegan counterpart sells for $8.49.

The sandwich is currently only available at Flip’d by IHOP’s location in New York’s Flatiron District for a limited time. This location was selected as a test site for the new vegan sandwich after more than two years of testing a variety of vegan and plant-based options in IHOP’s culinary kitchen. Flip’d by IHOP is located at 100 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010.

IHOP Classics on the Go

Flip’d by IHOP is a new, fast-casual branch from the minds behind IHOP. The restaurant was created to give busy New Yorkers a chance to order their favorite breakfast and lunch items while on the go. The menu at Flip’d consists of all-day breakfast offerings inspired by IHOP classics, such as breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, and breakfast burritos.

While the Plant-Based Cali sandwich is currently the only vegan meal option at Flip’d, that may change in the future. Bryan McKenzie, owner of the New York Flip’d by IHOP franchise location, is vegan and is excited to bring more plant-based innovations to the restaurant in the future.

Visit Flipd.com for more information about the new fast-casual restaurant from IHOP, to browse the full menu, or to place your online order for pickup. Be sure to choose the New York location if you plan to order the new vegan breakfast sandwich.

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