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Hormel Just Launched Plant-Based Canned Chili

The shelf-stable product is available now on Amazon!



The shelf-stable product is available now on Amazon!

We love it when mainstream food brands launch vegan options. It means they’re aware of the demand and choose to cater to herbivores—resulting in more accessible options for those interested in trying out plant-based products. Recently, Hormel launched plant-based canned chili and it’s available on Amazon.

Hormel Plant-Based Chili with Beans

Hormel Plant-Based Chili with Beans was created as a way to offer a tasty, convenient plant-based product to consumers. It’s made using a textured vegetable protein and soy crumbles alongside pink beans, kidney beans, onions, bell peppers, jalapeños, and a handful of seasonings and spices. This plant-based chili is free of dairy, eggs, gluten, BPA, and artificial flavors. Although it’s not certified vegan, all of the ingredients listed on the can are vegan-friendly.

“With the plant-based category growing at double the rate of food overall and the fact that roughly two-thirds of plant-curious consumers are eager for plant-based canned chili, we wanted to provide a convenient and delicious solution. Now plant-curious and plant-committed consumers can enjoy America’s [number one] selling chili brand. Hormel Plant-Based Chili with Beans delivers the taste, texture, and appearance our loyal consumers expect,” said Sarah Johnson, Senior Brand Manager at Hormel.

Vegan Chili Recipes

So far, there are rave reviews of this product. People have commented that the flavor is delicious and very realistic to beef-based chili. At 22g of protein per can, this shelf-stable product is great to keep on hand when you want to make a hearty meal in a pinch. Hormel suggests using the product to make vegan chili recipes such as chili dogs, chili-stuffed sweet potatoes, and chili grilled cheese sandwiches.

Hormel Plant-Based Chili on Amazon

If you’re interested in trying Hormel’s newest innovation, you can purchase the plant-based chili on Amazon.com. In the coming months, you can expect to see this product rolling out at retailers throughout the US.

For more information, visit Hormel.com.

Allie Mitchell

Allie Mitchell


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