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Vegan Pop-Up Green Kitchen to Open Brick-and-Mortar in Cleveland

Hey, Cleveland! There’s a new vegan brick-and-mortar in town.

The Green Kitchen vegan dish

Courtesy of The Green Kitchen

Hey, Cleveland! There’s a new vegan brick-and-mortar in town.

The Green Kitchen, known for its delectable all-vegan pop-up offerings at the Little Rose Tavern, is taking a giant leap forward by opening its very own brick-and-mortar restaurant. This exciting transition is a response to the growing demand for plant-based options and the dedicated efforts of John Hagerty, owner of Green Kitchen.

The Green Kitchen Sets up Shop in Cleveland’s Clark-Fulton Neighborhood

The Green Kitchen will find its home in the Clark-Fulton Neighborhood, within the former location of the Grafe Café on the intersection of West 25th and Athlen Ave. This strategic choice of location not only breathes new life into a beloved space but also contributes to the ongoing revitalization of the neighborhood.

The Green Kitchen vegan burger

Courtesy of The Green Kitchen

Cleveland’s New Vegan Brick-and-Mortar: A Delicious Dining Experience

At the heart of Green Kitchen’s success is its commitment to crafting flavorful vegan dishes that satisfy both taste buds and ethical values. With the expansion, you can expect an even wider array of plant-based delights, ranging from hearty comfort foods to innovative culinary creations.

John Hagerty’s dedication to promoting sustainable and compassionate eating is the driving force behind this expansion. With an anticipated opening slated for October, the new establishment promises to be a hub where food enthusiasts can come together to relish in vegan gastronomy. And we’re ready for it!

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