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Former Dunkin’ Donuts CEO Invests in Vegan Bacon Brand

Hooray Foods has now raised $2.7 million to expand its plant-based bacon sales.


Hooray Foods has now raised $2.7 million to expand its plant-based bacon sales.

Dunkin’ Donuts once brought us a Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich—a huge step in making vegan breakfast options available to the masses. Former Dunkin’ Donuts CEO David Hoffmann played a large role in that development, and now he has invested in the vegan bacon brand Hooray Foods, which has plans for further nationwide expansion.

Hooray Foods Continues Rapid Growth

Hooray Foods has now raised a $2.7 million seed extension. Investors include Hoffmann, Lyra Growth Partners, Evolution VC Partners, Gaingels, and Sand Hill Angels.

Hoffmann stated that he is “confident Hooray’s plant-based bacon will become a must-have on the menus at thousands of quick-service restaurants and sit-down establishments.”

Hooray Foods plans to utilize the seed extension to keep up with its quickly growing sales. Only a year old, Hooray Foods has already sold more than 2 million strips of bacon and has expanded into more than 1,000 stores across the US, including a national rollout at Whole Foods. Just last month, the brand entered Canada in 180 stores.

The money will also be used to launch a new and improved version of the vegan bacon next year, as well as to support the growth of new products.

Vegan Bacon That Tastes and Feels Like The Real Thing

Hooray Foods’ vegan bacon is made from coconut oil, rice flour, tapioca starch, liquid smoke, umami seasoning, maple syrup, salt, and beet juice concentrate. The brand uses a unique proprietary emulsion-forming technology to create the vegan bacon, which helps recreate the familiar flavor and texture of animal-based bacon.

Visit HoorayFoods.com to find out more information, and use the brand’s store locator to learn which stores near you are carrying the product. Currently, the vegan bacon can be found in Whole Foods, Mother’s Markets, Bristol Farms, and a variety of small health food stores. Additionally, you can purchase the product on Amazon, Imperfect Foods, and on various vegan online grocers such as GTFO It’s Vegan, Plantbelly, and Vegan Essentials.

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