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Emirates Customer Demand for Plant-Based Meals Increases 40%

In response to a surge in demand for vegan options, Emirates releases its 'vegan vault' of 300 recipes.

Vegan Grilled Kebab

Vegan Grilled Kebab Courtesy of Emirates

In response to a surge in demand for vegan options, Emirates releases its 'vegan vault' of 300 recipes.

As the world embraces the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, Emirates takes flight in 2024 by releasing an enticing ‘vegan vault’ packed with over 300 carefully curated plant-based recipes. The move comes in response to a soaring 40% increase in customer demand for plant-based meals, aligning with the surge in global interest during Veganuary.

Emirates Vegan Evolution

In 2023, Emirates revolutionized its in-flight dining experience with an expansive repertoire of 300 vegan recipes spanning 140 destinations, a significant leap from the 180 recipes offered in 2022. Plant-based meal consumption sky-rocketed to over 450,000 servings in 2023, showcasing a remarkable increase from the 280,000 meals served in 2022.

Vegan Polenta Cake

Vegan Polenta Cake Courtesy of Emirates

Vegan meal consumption grew consistently, mirroring passenger volumes, but some regions experienced noteworthy spikes. Africa witnessed a 4% surge, Southeast Asia observed a 5% uptick, and the Middle East saw an impressive 34% increase. Economy Class emerged as the epicenter of this culinary transformation, with particular surges on routes to China, Japan, and the Philippines.

Plant-Based Meals in Every Class

Emirates raises the bar for vegan dining across all classes. In Economy, passengers can savor chickpea crepes, tofu tikka masala, and coconut mousse delights. Premium Economy boasts jackfruit curry and chocolate tofu cheesecake, while Business Class offers roasted cauliflower with ancient grains and tropical coconut pineapple cake. First Class reaches new heights with creamy polenta cake and aubergine curry.

Emirates is set to launch a delectable array of new vegan main courses, snacks like fruit muffins and vegan pizza, and desserts such as chocolate pecan cake and pistachio raspberry tonka cake later this year.

Vegan Chocolate Pecan Cake

Vegan Chocolate Pecan Cake Courtesy of Emirates

Global Ingredients, Elevated Cuisine

Emirates sources high-quality vegan ingredients worldwide, partnering with renowned brands like Beyond Meat from California, Arlene from the UAE, and Linnolat in France. Fresh produce from Bustanica, the world’s largest hydroponic vertical farm, adds a local touch, ensuring First and Business Class passengers enjoy farm-fresh kale and lettuce free from pesticides.

A Decades-Long Commitment

Emirates’ dedication to vegan cuisine dates back to the 1990s, initially catering to specific routes and cultural requirements. Over the years, the airline witnessed a surge in interest, leading to the introduction of a gourmet vegan menu in 2022 for First and Business Class travelers seeking healthier, plant-based options.

Emirates continues to soar above culinary expectations, showcasing a commitment to both global tastes and conscious dining choices. Whether you’re traveling in Economy or indulging in First Class luxury, Emirates invites passengers to experience the heights of vegan dining at 35,000 feet.

Visit Emirates.com for more information.

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