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Cheryl’s Cookies Adds Vegan Cookie Collection

The popular cookie delivery service has added four vegan cookies to its menu for the first time.

Cheryl’s Cookies

Cheryl’s Cookies

The popular cookie delivery service has added four vegan cookies to its menu for the first time.

Satisfying that vegan cookie craving just got easier! Why? Because popular cookie delivery service Cheryl’s Cookies is now offering vegan options for the first time.

Cheryl’s Cookies Adds Four Vegan Flavors

Cheryl’s Cookies is known for its cut-out cookies and a large variety of handcrafted baked goods. Based in Ohio, the brand now ships nationwide. But they never offered vegan flavors, until now. Cheryl’s Cookies’ four new flavors are Vegan Sugar Cookie, Vegan Marshmallow & Chocolate Chunk, Vegan Chocolate Chip, and Vegan Frosted Cut-Out.

These cookies are available in a variety of the brand’s special gift boxes. The most popular choice is the Vegan Cookie Sampler, which comes with two each of the cut-out and chocolate chip cookies, and one each of the marshmallow and sugar cookies. The box of six cookies is $14.99 and available for nationwide shipping.

Customers looking for a larger order of vegan cookies can purchase the Vegan Bow gift box. A box of 12 cookies is $39.99, while a box of 24 cookies is $49.99. All orders of the new vegan cookies will be available to ship on August 29.

Vegan Cookies That Ship Nationwide

Cheryl’s Cookies is a part of the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc. family, which includes brands such as Shari’s Berries, The Popcorn Factory, and Simply Chocolate. As such, Cheryl’s Cookies’ customer base extends from corporations all the way to families sending each other cookies across the country.

Cheryl’s Cookies added these vegan cookies to its collection at the request of its wide customer base. “Our following of loyal fans inspire us to continuously expand our offerings with innovative products,” said VP of Merchandising Kara Jaggers. “Vegan baked goods are growing in popularity with health-conscious shoppers, and we are incredibly excited to launch this ‘better for you’ assortment.”

To browse the full selection of vegan cookies, visit Cheryls.com.

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