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Cathay Pacific Debuts New Plant-Based Menu

The Hong Kong-based airline is adding more vegan options to their lineup of in-flight meals.

Person prepping Cathay Pacific dishes

Courtesy of Cathay Pacific

The Hong Kong-based airline is adding more vegan options to their lineup of in-flight meals.

Cathay Pacific is taking to the skies with a fresh approach to plant-based dining through a unique collaboration with Hong Kong’s renowned plant-forward restaurant, VEDA by Ovolo. This partnership adds a vibrant twist to inflight dining, enhancing the choices available to passengers and celebrating a fusion of global flavors with a plant-based focus.

Sustainable Cuisine in the Air

In line with VEDA’s and Ovolo Hotels’ progressive Plant’d pledge, this collaboration underscores their commitment to ethical and sustainable dining. Cathay Pacific joins this initiative with a shared dedication to reducing their carbon footprint and promoting conscious cuisine.

As a pioneering step towards sustainability, Cathay Pacific is embracing plant-forward alternatives, aligning with their ongoing efforts to reduce single-use plastic consumption and adopting greener practices. This collaboration marks the start of a series of refreshed inflight experiences, including beverages, aimed at delighting passengers and fostering eco-conscious choices.

Cathay Pacific vegan meal

Courtesy of Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific’s New Globally Inspired Vegan Dishes

Curated by VEDA and Ovolo Hotels Executive Chef Raul Tronco, the new inflight menu promises an exciting journey through plant-based culinary wonders. Premium Economy passengers can enjoy dishes like Bombay carrot salad and hummus with harissa roasted cauliflower and Keralan-style coconut curry and roasted vegetable tagine. Each dish offers a burst of flavors and textures meticulously designed for high-altitude enjoyment. Economy passengers can enjoy options like purple quinoa tabbouleh and Northern Thai-style coconut curry noodles.

Vivian Lo, Cathay Pacific’s General Manager of Customer Experience and Design, emphasizes the importance of crafting memorable experiences through culinary innovation. By meticulously sourcing ingredients and reimagining recipes, the partnership seeks to go beyond the conventional norms of inflight vegan meals, ensuring passengers relish delectable plant-forward creations at 30,000 feet.

Visit CathayPacific.com for more information.

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