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Carl’s Jr. Is Giving Away Free Beyond Burgers This Earth Day in Glendale

Visit the Carl’s Jr. in Glendale this Friday, April 22 to receive a free Beyond Burger.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat

Visit the Carl’s Jr. in Glendale this Friday, April 22 to receive a free Beyond Burger.

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a free vegan burger? This Friday, a local Carl’s Jr. outpost in Los Angeles is giving away free Beyond Famous Stars in honor of Earth Day.

Free Beyond Burgers in LA

For the second year in a row, Carl’s Jr. is partnering with Beyond Meat to bring awareness to climate change and provide free food in honor of Earth Day, which is observed on April 22. From 10am-2pm, the Carl’s Jr. located at 424 W Los Feliz Rd, Glendale, CA 91204 will be offering guests free Beyond Famous Stars while supplies last. In addition, the store will be hosting live radio and offering other surprise giveaways. No purchase is necessary to receive your free Beyond Famous Star.

How to Veganize Your Beyond Famous Star

While the Beyond Famous Star contains dairy if ordered as-is, it’s very easy to veganize the popular burger. Simply ask for no cheese and no mayonnaise for the burger to be made completely vegan. The seeded bun that the burger is served on is vegan as-is.

If you’d like to order some sides to round out your meal, the French Fries, CrissCut Fries, and Hash Rounds are all vegan. Vegan sauce and dipping options include guacamole, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, Spicy Buffalo sauce, and Sweet & Bold BBQ sauce.

Please note that, as with all non-vegan restaurants, cross-contamination between vegan and non-vegan items is possible.

Beyond Meat at Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr was the first national fast-food restaurant to offer a plant-based burger patty when it added Beyond Meat to its menu in December of 2018. Since then, Carl’s Jr. has sold more than 20 million Beyond Burgers as vegans and omnivores alike continue to try the accessible vegan option.

For more information about the Carl’s Jr. and Beyond Meat Earth Day event, visit Carl’sJr.com and BeyondMeat.com.

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