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Cafe Gratitude Expands Meal Plan Delivery Service to San Diego and Orange County

The three- and six-day meal plans are now available for delivery in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.

Cafe Gratitude

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The three- and six-day meal plans are now available for delivery in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County.

Cafe Gratitude, the popular LA-based vegan-friendly restaurant, has just expanded its meal plan delivery service to include San Diego and Orange County.

Don’t Feel Like Cooking? Order Cafe Gratitude’s Meal Plan Delivery

Cafe Gratitude launched “The Grateful Home”—its organic meal plan delivery service—in the LA area in September of last year. The plan was curated to provide Angelenos with fully vegan meals for those days when cooking and meal prepping aren’t an option. The meal plans are available in three- or six-day packages, with both options containing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for each day.

The service was a hit from the start, and Cafe Gratitude has just announced the expansion of the service into select zip codes in San Diego and Orange County. The meal plans are available to be delivered to your doorstep once or twice a week (depending on which option you choose). If you’d like to check to see if your zip code is in the delivery radius, click here and input your zip code at checkout. If you happen to be outside the delivery radius, don’t worry, you can pick up your order from any of Cafe Gratitude’s five locations.

Vegan Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Delivered to Your Door

All meals in Cafe Gratitude’s meal plan delivery service come ready to reheat and eat. Options for each meal vary by day and week—you can check out the available offerings here.

Breakfast choices will include dishes like tofu scrambles, quiches made from chickpeas, chia seed puddings, and yogurts with fruit and granola. For lunch, you’ll enjoy entrees like coconut ceviche bowls, tofu wraps, and a variety of salads packed with tempeh, house-made cashew mozzarella, or escabeche. Dinner options include some of Cafe Gratitude’s most popular entrees, including a bibimbap bowl, almond pad Thai with kelp noodles, and a wide selection of veggie bowls.

You’ll also have the option to add other items to your delivery order, such as cold-pressed juices, house-made nut milks, wellness shots, side dishes, and desserts. As an added bonus, if you bring in the bottles from your add-on juices to any Cafe Gratitude location, you can get $1 off your order!

Skip the Cooking and Eat Gourmet Plant-Based Foods for Just $15 per Meal

Cafe Gratitude’s meal plan delivery service is priced at $135 for the 3-day plan, and $270 for the 6-day plan, which brings each meal out to just $15. If you love the service and would like to subscribe, you can save 10% on each week’s plan.

While Cafe Gratitude does serve honey in some of its drinks, the food included in the meal plan is 100% vegan. The entrees are made with organic produce from certified and uncertified farms and are served in fully compostable containers.

Visit CafeGratitude.com for more information about the brand and its new vegan meal plan delivery service.

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