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Anitta Teams up with Burger King to Launch Limited-Edition Vegan Combo Meal

The collaboration stemmed from the fast-food chain’s ban of 120 artificial ingredients from its menu.


The collaboration stemmed from the fast-food chain’s ban of 120 artificial ingredients from its menu.

While fast-food restaurants have a reputation for serving items containing artificial ingredients and preservatives, there’s one that’s working to scale back on their usage. Burger King just banned 120 artificial ingredients from their menu. To celebrate, Burger King teamed up with Anitta to launch a limited-edition vegan combo meal.

Burger King Bans 120 Artificial Ingredients

Earlier this month, the popular burger chain announced their menu alterations. “By banning these 120 ingredients from our food, we’re offering guests an easy choice—delicious food made with quality ingredients. We’re confident that our ongoing commitment to real food will not only provide guests with the food they’re looking for, but also set a standard for the industry overall,” shared Ellie Doty, chief marketing officer for Burger King North America.

So, what does the menu look like now that Burger King has banned 120 artificial ingredients? Some direct shifts in the fast-food joint’s dishes include switching to Simply Heinz Ketchup and using preservative-free pickles featuring real dill. The company has also made similar changes to non-vegan offerings like ranch, mayonnaise, and cheese.

Burger King’s “Keep It Real” Meals

In honor of their strides toward using “real” ingredients, Burger King debuted three limited-edition meal combos with the well-known musicians Anitta, Nelly, and LilHuddy. But here’s the catch—all of Burger King’s “Keep It Real Meals” are named after the celebs’ real names, not their stage names. So the menu items are titled the Larissa Machado Meal, the Cornell Haynes Jr. Meal, and the Chase Hudson Meal, respectively.

The Larissa Machado Meal

Out of all three options, you’re going to want to order the Larissa Machado Meal as it’s the only vegan combo meal. It features an Impossible Whopper with lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and mustard alongside fries and a Sprite.

Please note: The Impossible Whopper contains all-vegan ingredients but is cooked on the same broiler as beef patties, so cross-contamination does occur. The burger in the combo does not include cheese or mayo (both of which aren’t vegan), but it’s always best to double-check your handheld before digging in!

For more information about Burger King’s ingredient changes and limited-edition “Keep It Real Meals,” visit BurgerKing.com.

Allie Mitchell

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