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Afro-Vegan Society to Offer Free Plant-Based Education Program This February

Veguary is an online education campaign celebrating Black History Month and providing culturally relevant workshops, cooking demos, and more.

Afro Vegan Society

Veguary is an online education campaign celebrating Black History Month and providing culturally relevant workshops, cooking demos, and more.

Celebrate Black History Month with the Afro-Vegan Society (AVS)! This February, AVS will be offering a month-long online vegan education program called Veguary that will provide resources and support to those in marginalized communities looking to make the switch to a plant-based lifestyle.

Go Vegan with Support This February

Veguary is Afro-Vegan Society’s annual online campaign that encourages people to learn more about vegan living and how to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets. The campaign aims to provide support for those in the Black community who are interested in going plant-based but who are looking for support from a community that centers the Black experience.

In correlation with Black History Month, Veguary celebrates prominent Black vegans in our society while providing culturally relevant workshops, demonstrations, and livestreams. This year, Veguary will feature success stories of several Black vegans, such as Olympian Seba Johnson—the youngest and only Black woman to compete in the alpine skiing event—author and activist Tracye McQuirter, and well-known plant-based nutrition expert Dr. Milton Mills.

Aside from these success stories, Veguary will also feature a variety of cooking demonstrations, daily social media content, educational videos, weekly informative emails, and interactive livestream videos. Virtual happy hours, exclusive prizes, and daily check-ins will also be available through the AVS Support Group Facebook page.

To sign up for Veguary or for more information about the campaign, click here. Everyone from all backgrounds is welcome to join.

Afro-Vegan Society Makes Vegan Support More Inclusive

The Afro-Vegan Society is a nonprofit formed in 2016 with the intent to provide support and resources to those in marginalized communities as they transition to a plant-based lifestyle. As BIPOC voices are often left out of mainstream vegan advocacy programs, AVS aims to provide support that is directly relevant to those who seek it.

To learn more about the Afro-Vegan Society and its mission statement, visit AfroVeganSociety.org.

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