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9-1-1 Star Oliver Stark Is Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet

Introducing your new favorite vegan celeb to follow!

Photo of Oliver Stark

Photo by Will Cohen

Introducing your new favorite vegan celeb to follow!

Let’s talk about Oliver Stark, the starring actor in Fox’s 9-1-1 drama series. He’s vegan, he’s British, and he’s got some serious acting chops! After extensive acting training and experience in the UK, Stark broke into Hollywood, scoring roles in a variety of productions such as Into the Badlands, Luther, Dracula, Mindgamers, Underworld: Blood Wars, and more. Now, you may have noticed that many of Stark’s roles are physically demanding. Which is why his plant-based diet has greatly supported his training process! Keep reading to learn more about Stark’s vegan lifestyle on and off the screen.

VegOut (VO): We’d love to learn more about your vegan beginnings! What first inspired you to adopt a plant-based diet, and was it something you planned to try for a short time, or was it a long-term commitment from the get-go?

Oliver Stark (OS): I had moved to the US and was living temporarily with my partner. She was vegetarian at the time, so I decided to eat that way to respect her lifestyle while I was there. I found that it wasn’t as limiting as I’d expected—in fact, I didn’t really feel limited by it at all. She showed me some documentaries [on] the ethical and environmental impact of meat consumption, and I was sold! I was vegetarian for the first few months and then graduated to full vegan status.

VO: Hailing from the UK, you have to know how epic the vegan scene is in London! Do you have any favorite vegan restaurants or products from across the pond?

OS: Honestly, I don’t! I haven’t spent too much time back in the UK since my move to the US so haven’t had much of a chance to enjoy all the UK offerings. You’ll have to let me know where to go!

VO: You’ve acted in a lot of physically demanding roles! How has your plant-based diet affected your performance?

OS: I think the biggest plus is that it hasn’t hindered my physical performance. That’s always the big question—am I going to waste away to nothing? Lose all my hard-earned “gains?” It simply wasn’t, and isn’t the case. I also think there is an added recovery benefit from all the micronutrients that come packaged alongside the macronutrients!

VO: What are some vegan meals and snacks you like to eat on set? Dare we ask … where do you get your protein?

OS: I’m a big fruit-eater. For as long as I can remember, fruits have been my favorite food. Pineapple, bananas, mango—the list goes on. [They’re] easy, convenient, and healthy! Oh, and delicious! Protein sources tend to be tofu, tempeh, seitan, and various protein powders (usually based around a 70/30 split of pea and rice protein powder, which a lot of ready-made powders adopt).

VO: Have you ever run into any issues on set as a vegan—like being asked to eat dairy or meat or not having good options at catering or crafty? If so, how do you navigate those challenges?

OS: I haven’t. The 9-1-1 props team who handles food is extremely gracious in the way they cater to me. They always have plenty of vegan options for any eating scene on set, and I feel very well taken care of.

VO: Congrats on the return of FOX’s 9-1-1 drama series! What can we expect to see from your character this season?

OS: I don’t know! We are currently in the midst of a writers strike, so work has yet to begin on season 7. Hopefully some juicy drama as always!

Allie Mitchell

Allie Mitchell


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