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Your Ultimate Guide to Ordering Vegan at Sweetfin

From poke bowls and bento boxes to sides and drinks, there are loads of plant-based options to try at Sweetfin!

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From poke bowls and bento boxes to sides and drinks, there are loads of plant-based options to try at Sweetfin!

Sweetfin is a chef-driven poke concept that specializes in health-forward, innovative dishes that are 100% gluten-free and vegan-friendly. We’re sure you’ve heard of Sweetfin before, but you might not know how vegan-friendly Sweetfin actually is! The fresh, California-inspired chain offers several vegan bowls, sides, and a bento box that are refreshing, delectable, and of course, delicious! Sweetfin’s entire menu is made in-house daily using the freshest ingredients—sourced locally when possible. Here’s your ultimate guide to ordering vegan at Sweetfin!

Sweetfin’s Vegan Poke Bowls and Bento Box

Let’s get this party started with Sweetfin’s vegan poke bowls and bento box. These filling menu items are great for work lunches, quick dinners, and our favorite—beach-side meals! Sitting in the sand and noshing on a vegan poke bowl while listening to the waves? It doesn’t get any better than that!

All of the below bowls are vegan as-is. For each dish, you get to choose your base: Bamboo Rice, Forbidden Rice, Cauliflower Rice, Citrus Kale, or Kelp Noodle Slaw.

  • Chef Andrea’s Cilantro y Jalapeño Bowl: This limited-edition bowl is curated by Sweetfin’s culinary director Andrea Cuellar. It features your choice of protein (we recommend tofu), avocado, cilantro jalapeño salsa verde sauce, cucumber, pickled Fresno chilis, pineapple, and shaved red onion over a bed of cilantro bamboo rice with market radish and crushed plantain chips on top.
  • High-Protein Plant-Based Bowl: This satiating bowl is here to fill you up on all the good stuff—asparagus, avocado, bean sprouts, carrots, edamame, sweet potato, rapini, crispy garlic, and miso sesame shoyu.
  • Miso Eggplant and Mushroom: Japanese eggplants and Shimeji mushrooms come together with miso sesame shoyu sauce and sun-dried tomatoes to make this harmonious bowl.
  • Sweet Potato Ponzu Lime: Ponzu lime sauce dresses a pile of napa cabbage, cucumbers, edamame, avocado, carrots, serrano pepper, and your choice of firm tofu or vegetable poke.
  • Shiitake Chili Tofu: Embrace the heat with this bowl of tofu coated with classic sauce, chili oil, cilantro, rapini, and pickled Fresno chilies.


Sweetfin’s NEW Plant-Based Sweetbox

Another amazing plant-based entrée to try from Sweetfin is the Plant-Based Sweetbox. This vegan bento box is decked out with Signature Ponzu Lime Sweet Potato Poke over Bamboo Rice, Shiitake Chili Tofu over Forbidden Rice, Chili Garlic Forbidden Rice Noodles, and Homemade Taro Chips. It’s a great way to try a little bit of everything!



Build-Your-Own Bowl

Unleash your culinary creativity with Sweetfin’s Build Your Own Bowl option. Choose whatever base(s), protein, toppings, and sauces suit your fancy. Below is the full list of vegan ingredients.

  • Bases: Bamboo Rice, Forbidden Rice, Cauliflower Rice, Citrus Kale, and Kelp Noodle Slaw.
  • Proteins: Vegetable Poke (sweet potato, avocado, carrots, cucumber, and edamame) and tofu.
  • Toppings: Bean sprouts, carrots, charred habanero, chili-marinated oranges, chili oil, chopped serrano, chopped kale, cilantro, crispy garlic, crispy onions, cucumbers, daikon sprouts, edamame, jicama, mango, market radish, napa cabbage, ginger (fresh and pickled), pickled Fresno chilis, pineapple, sautéed rapini, sautéed Japanese eggplant, seaweed salad, shaved red onion, sautéed shimeji mushrooms, shiso, sun-dried tomatoes, wasabi drizzle, wasabi furikake, wasabi peas, and wasabi toasted coconut.
  • Premium Toppings: Avocado, macadamia nuts, pickled shiitake mushrooms, sautéed asparagus, shishito peppers, and white truffle oil.
  • Sauces: Black Garlic Gochujang, Miso Sesame Shoyu, and Ponzu Lime.

Vegan Sides, Extras, and Drinks at Sweetfin

Now that we’ve got the main characters out of the way, let’s chat about the vegan sides, extras, and drinks at Sweetfin!

The poke chain recently launched several new plant-based sides that we can’t wait to share with you. Below is the current lineup!

  • Chile Ginger Forbidden Rice Noodles: In the mood for noods? These forbidden noodles will do the trick! Served with carrots, cilantro, crispy garlic, mango, miso sesame shoyu, napa cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, pickled ginger, and pickled Fresno chilis, you’ll be ordering this dish again in no time.
  • Citrus Kale Crunch Salad: Get your greens in with this side of citrus kale, avocado, carrots, sesame seeds, and pepitas.
  • Kelp Noodle Slaw: Composed of kelp noodles, carrots, cucumbers, napa cabbage, salt, and sesame mayo, this vibrant slaw is just what you need to pair with your meal.
  • Seaweed Salad: The ocean vibes of this salad featuring wakame seaweed and sesame seeds are unreal!
  • Spicy Cucumber Salad: Sliced cucumbers are up-leveled with ponzu lime sauce, chili oil, sesame oil, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, salt, and crispy garlic.

Below is a list of Sweetfin’s vegan extras and drinks to complete your meal!

  • Taro Chips: These homemade taro chips dusted with wasabi furikake are a zesty kick on the classic snack.
  • Guava Lemonade: Although it sounds sweet, this beverage has no added sugar and is sweetened with monk fruit. Bottoms up!
  • Lychee Ginger Lemonade: Native to Southeast Asia, lychee is a fruit bursting with flavor, complementing this ginger lemonade beautifully. It also has no added sugar and is sweetened with monk fruit.
  • Vanilla Bean Black Tea: With notes of vanilla bean, this unsweetened tea is a go-to of ours!

Now you know what all the hype is about! Sweetfin is a great destination for vegan, gluten-free, and health-conscious foodies looking for a quick bite. For more information, visit Sweetfin.com and follow @sweetfin on Instagram.

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Allie Mitchell


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