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5 Vegan Chocolate Bars You Can Find in the UK

The UK has the vegan chocolate game on lock! Snag these plant-based versions of some of your childhood favorites.

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Courtesy of KitKat

The UK has the vegan chocolate game on lock! Snag these plant-based versions of some of your childhood favorites.

We’re headed to the UK to check out these five vegan chocolate bars! Join us as we explore everything from the classic KitKat crunch to the silky Cadbury richness. Swiss excellence from Lindt? Yep, we’ve got that too. We’re going for the sustainability of H!P and the nostalgic vibes of Ritter Sport. So indulge, and treat yourself to the creamy, chocolaty goodness of these delectable sweets!

Vegan KitKat

Longing for a vegan version of the iconic KitKat? Your wait is over, friends! Check out the KitKat Vegan 4 Finger bar, a delightful plant-based twist on the old familiar classic. Crafted with a rice milk base, this vegan chocolate bar offers an indulgent combo of dairy-free chocolate and crispy wafer. So, whether you’re a long-time KitKat fan or are new to the brand, this bar is sure to please.


Courtesy of KitKat

Cadbury Plant Bar

Cadbury, known for its rich, creamy chocolate, has ventured into the world of vegan treats with the Cadbury Plant Bar. Say what?! You heard us. And that’s not all—the velvety texture of the almond-paste base offers a delicious likeness to the bar’s traditional counterpart. But, wait! There’s more. The vegan chocolate bar is crafted from sustainably sourced cocoa.


Lindt Vegan Chocolate Bar

When you’re feeling fancy, reach for Lindt. And say hello to the flavors of traditional Swiss chocolate recipes. The luxurious vegan chocolate brand combines premium cocoa, gluten-free oat drink, and smooth almond paste to create the Vegan Milk Chocolate Bar. This bar is the epitome of Swiss excellence.


Courtesy of Lindt

H!P Oat Milk Chocolate Bar

H!P stands out not only for its delicious oat milk chocolate bars but also for its commitment to sustainability. The brand blends creamy oat milk with ethically sourced Colombian cocoa for a plant-based chocolate bar that has the same milky taste as its non-vegan counterpart. Be sure to check out the fun flavor inclusions like salted pretzels, cookies, and zesty orange.

H!P Chocolate

Courtesy of H!P Chocolate

Ritter Sport Marzipan Chocolate Bar

Ritter Sport’s Marzipan Chocolate Bar combines sweet California almonds with rich dark chocolate, encapsulating the essence of marzipan in a convenient chocolate treat. Whether you’re a fan of marzipan or simply seeking a unique vegan chocolate experience, this bar offers the sweet flavors you crave! Now, cue up that vegan documentary you’ve been waiting to watch and get snacking. And be on the lookout, Ritter Sport just launched two new vegan flavors: Vegan Smooth Chocolate and Vegan Salted Caramel.

Ritter Sport

Courtesy of Ritter Sport

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