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How to Eat Vegan at Panda Express

Heading out for some fast-casual American Chinese cuisine? Check out these vegan Panda Express options.

Panda Express
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Panda Express

Heading out for some fast-casual American Chinese cuisine? Check out these vegan Panda Express options.

Is your social media currently flooded with droolworthy visuals of vegan-friendly Panda Express meals? Because, same! Not only is the Beyond Orange Chicken back, baby. But the fast-casual eatery is an inclusive place for ordering plant-based options. Now, you might be wondering how to eat vegan at Panda Express. Let us remove the guesswork for you. Keep reading for those plant-based ordering deets.

Vegan Options at Panda Express

Step right up—you’re next in line. Whether you’re dining in, ordering drive-thru takeout, or choosing delivery with your app of choice, you’ve got decisions to make. First, decide how hungry you are. Panda Express offers a Bowl which includes 1 side and 1 entree. The chain also features a Plate which includes 1 side and 2 entrees. In addition, those hungry vegans can order the Bigger Plate which provides 1 side and 3 entrees. Keep in mind, you can always split your side order into two smaller choices. Diners can also order à la carte options if they please. But, now is the fun part. What are we ordering? Here’s how to eat vegan at Panda Express!


Vegetable Spring Rolls

These Vegetable Spring Rolls make eating vegan at Panda Express so simple and delicious. The crisp rolls contain cabbage, celery, carrots, mung bean, and green onions rolled in a crispy wonton wrapper. These are a great way to start a meal, especially when they are dunked in a vegan-friendly dipping sauce.


Beyond Orange Chicken

Back for a limited time, the Beyond Orange Chicken has us praising the vegan Panda Express options. Now is your chance to get in on the plant-based action. If you’ve been drooling over Panda’s IG feed, here is your sign to finally get your hands on this sweet and savory entree.

Panda Express

Beyond The Original Orange Chicken Panda Express

Eggplant Tofu

While we have mad love for the Beyond Orange Chicken, we can’t forget about this tasty order. The Eggplant Tofu is our go-to order for eating vegan at Panda Express. This dish contains lightly browned tofu, eggplant, red bell peppers, and a sweet and spicy sauce. Find this plant-based fave at participating locations.

Super Greens

No need to skimp on the greens today. The Panda Express Super Greens contain cabbage, broccoli, and kale. However, there is no butter here! The veggie blend is cooked in soybean oil along with a variety of seasonings. This garlicky dish is a great choice for those veggie-loving vegans looking for a quick and tasty bite.


Chow Mein

Ordering vegan at Panda Express? Don’t miss the Chow Mein. These stir-fried wheat noodles are blended with cabbage, celery, and onions for the perfect dish. Whether you’re ordering it as a side or making it the main meal event, you really can’t go wrong. We are obsessed with this vegan-friendly choice.

Panda Express

Chow Mein Panda Express

Steamed Rice

Available in both brown and white varieties, the steamed rice at Panda Express is pretty straightforward. Grab an order of the Beyond Orange Chicken and Super Greens. Next, balance out your meal with a scoop of these steamed grains. Find the steamed rice varieties at select locations.


Made for dunking Vegetable Spring Rolls and drizzling over Super Greens, these sauces are a must-have for your order. When dining vegan at Panda Express, choose from soy, chili, plum, potsticker, sweet & sour, and teriyaki sauces. But don’t forget about that Panda hot mustard. Level up your plant-based order with these vegan-friendly condiments.


Fortune Cookies

Still searching for a sweet and crunchy bite to end the meal? Finish off your order with a sweet note and a glimpse into your future. We’re stoked to find out that the fortune cookies at Panda Express are vegan-friendly! Round out your vegan Panda Express meal with these iconic cookies.

Anja Grommons

Anja Grommons


During her studies to become a registered dietitian, Anja—a longtime vegetarian—transitioned to a vegan diet. Living in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the time (Go Broncos!), she met Maggie and Tammie through VegOut Kalamazoo (one of VegOut’s first focus cities) and began collaborating with the duo. When she’s not writing about new vegan eats, practicing as a pediatric clinical dietitian, and virtually coaching fellow plant-based eaters, you can find her creating veg-centric recipes, trying new cruelty-free products, and spending time with her partner Addison and cat Kovu.

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