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This Vegan Taiwanese Korean Mom-and-Pop Has Been Serving LA for 30 Years

Garden Fresh Vegan is one of Hacienda Heights’ best kept secrets.

Garden Fresh Vegan
Food & Drink
Los Angeles

Garden Fresh Vegan

Garden Fresh Vegan is one of Hacienda Heights’ best kept secrets.

This mom-and-pop shop has served its community decadent vegan dishes for three decades! Showcasing a menu with over 100+ meals, Garden Fresh Vegan will keep you wanting to come back for more! Stop by for their lunch specials during the week between 11am-1pm or pick up dinner from 5-8pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, they remain open all day. And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out their selection of vegan must-haves, including apple cider vinegar, liquid aminos, vegan gummies, and a select amount of vegan skincare.

A Community Staple

When you walk into Garden Fresh Vegan, you’ll find it’s filled with tangy and savory aromas. Bright warm hues fill the restaurant, and you’re faced with endless mouthwatering options from their extensive vegan menu. Inspired by their grandmother’s restaurant in Korea, opening up one of their own has always been in the plans for this family. Not only has Garden Fresh Vegan become a community staple, but they’ve shared their delicious meals now for nearly 30 years. It’s not common to hear that a vegan restaurant has been open for three decades, but this influential eatery has executed it perfectly. “Cooking food and being able to share it with the community is our parents’ love language,” shares Amy, daughter of chef and manager Peter and Sherry.

Authenticity in Bold Flavors

With the fusion of Korea’s delicious flavors and Taiwan’s naturally plant-based traditional foods, this spot offers the perfect blend of impeccable textures and tastes. Peter and Sherry have dedicated themselves to being an affordable option for anyone who wants to try vegan foods, especially for individuals of color who do not want to compromise their culture. You won’t have to worry about the consistency of quality here, as all dishes are prepared with fresh and organic ingredients. With a menu showcasing over 100+ options, their succulent mushroom chicken and tangy sesame chicken are must-tries. You can also pair any dish with their house-made dumplings and bao zi! Among their several piquant dishes, they also offer an array of refreshing beverages, including a soy papaya smoothie, an elderberry lemonade, and an organic raspberry mojito.

Visit Garden Fresh Vegan’s website to place your order online, and if you’re mesmerized by the number of options offered, you’re not alone!

Alejandra Tolley

Alejandra Tolley


Vegan junk-foodie Alejandra was born and raised in Los Angeles County. As a self-made writer, she always makes sure that she advocates for all humans and animals. When she’s not typing the day away, you can find her singing her lungs out to Mitski, taking pictures of her doggies Luna and Dexter, or stocking her kitchen with more avocados, strawberries, and Kettle Salt n Vinegar chips. Alejandra also loves traveling and sharing her eats from around the world on Instagram.

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