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Anja Grommons Anja Grommons Anja Grommons

Forget Eating Your Veggies! Drink Your Veggies with SaladPower

Get your daily dose of vegetables with SaladPower organic smoothie pouches!

Struggling to have your vegetables and eat them too? We feel you! Getting your daily dose of produce can be an added task amid long work hours, school days, and the travel grind. Grabbing a snack bar on the way out the door or ordering a quick bite to eat between meetings can make it difficult to reap the benefits that organic fruits and vegetables provide. Now, through delicious innovation with convenience at the forefront, gone are the days of letting a busy schedule dictate your diet. For a simple way of powering up your produce intake, meet SaladPower smoothie pouches, your new veggie-packed bestie. They are compact nutrition at your fingertips!

SaladPower Organic Smoothie Pouches

Why the emphasis on produce? Vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, fiber, and protective phytonutrients, which come with a host of health benefits—hello, good digestion, vibrant skin, and sustainable energy, to name a few! Credible health institutions and organizations suggest the prioritization of fruits and vegetables within a balanced diet, but it’s tough out here when you’re busy. Whether you’re pulling long shifts, traveling for work or play, caring for dependents, studying for finals, or just not feeling energized enough to put together produce-packed meals. You don’t have to miss out on what fulfilling your daily dose of veggies can do. Let SaladPower organic smoothie pouches change the way you eat vegetables.



Two Times Your Daily Vegetable Requirement

SaladPower organic smoothie pouches contain two times your daily vegetable requirement, all packed into a convenient, portable, and shelf-stable pouch. That’s organic, sustainably farmed vegetables turned small-batch smoothies ready to go in an easy-to-drink package. Each pouch packs 16 spinach leaves, 12 kale leaves, five carrots, and four broccoli heads, along with a touch of apple and lemon for a hint of sweetness—pretty simple, right? But imagine packing all of those foods into your busiest of days without this pre-made smoothie. That’s a trip to the market, prep time, food packaging, and cleanup. Each pouch contains less than 100 calories and is made without added sugar. The smoothies contain whole, organic produce, so the fiber and other nutrients remain well intact, which is typically not the case with other pre-made, store-bought smoothies.

SaladPower Is Shelf-Stable Until Opened

SaladPower uses a proprietary packaging technology, so each pouch remains shelf-stable until opened, yet they do taste better chilled. But why the pouch? The pouches reduce the company’s carbon footprint by over 30% when compared to the environmental burden of plastic bottles or other packaging mediums. And the pouches can even be recycled—a major bonus! Store them in a cool, dry place and throw them in your work, hotel, or home fridge along with school lunchboxes and beach coolers for an organic produce-packed pick-me-up when you’re short on time and energy.

Ready to make drinking your vegetables a habit? Never go without your veggies again! SaladPower offers both “buy once” and subscription-based service options with nationwide shipping. The average SaladPower subscription customer stays subscribed for over 1 year—that’s truly impressive! Want in on the organic veggie goodness? Find SaladPower online and on Instagram.

Anja Grommons


During her studies to become a registered dietitian, Anja—a longtime vegetarian—transitioned to a vegan diet. Living in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the time (Go Broncos!), she met Maggie and Tammie through VegOut Kalamazoo (one of VegOut’s first focus cities) and began collaborating with the duo. When she’s not writing about new vegan eats, practicing as a pediatric clinical dietitian, and virtually coaching fellow plant-based eaters, you can find her creating veg-centric recipes, trying new cruelty-free products, and spending time with her partner Addison and cat Kovu.

Must-have products: Ezekiel Bread, Racconto Giardiniera, Pacifica Vegan Collagen Complex Serum, Elina Organics Botanical Cleanser

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Anja Grommons

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