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5 Airlines That Offer the Best Vegan Inflight Experience

You’ve waited for this, and finally the time is here to pack up that suitcase and schedule your vegan-friendly flight!

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You’ve waited for this, and finally the time is here to pack up that suitcase and schedule your vegan-friendly flight!

We’re all dreaming about that post-corona vacation we’ve been planning in our heads. After the past year and a half, who doesn’t want to be drinking water from a coconut and lounging at the beach in Bali? If you’re traveling by air, you’re probably used to pre-ordering the unknown “vegan” meal. Gone are those days. Many airlines now take extra measures to ensure vegan catering is top-notch. Here are the top five airlines that offer the best vegan inflight experience.

Qatar Airways

This past October, Qatar Airways announced that they would introduce gourmet vegan dishes to their à la carte menu for business class passengers on all flights out of Doha and select flights to Doha. Their new vegan menu features include smoked moutabel, cauliflower couscous & kalamata bruschetta, a chickpea flour omelet, and much more! Prior to this, Qatar Airways was already leading the game with their signature Arabic Mezzeh on all flights, featuring hummus, tabouli, and muhammara served with Arabic bread.

Emirates Airlines

In January 2020, Emirates Airlines offered a separate, entirely vegan menu onboard most flights to celebrate Veganuary. While the physical vegan menu was a temporary addition for Veganuary, the airline still offers a variety of vegan options from which to choose.

Singapore Airlines

We speak from personal experience when we say that Singapore Airlines never fails to impress with their gourmet-style vegan dishes. They take traditional Western and Asian dishes and put a vegan spin on them. They even serve vegan appetizers before the entrée! Expect to pre-order a vegan meal and be surprised by the unique and delicious creations you’ll find onboard.

Cathay Pacific

Since 2018, Cathay Pacific has served Beyond Burgers in their Pier First Class Lounge in Hong Kong. Additionally, they have experimented with vegan onboard dishes such as OmniPork Bolognese with Garganelli Pasta and Beyond Burgers on select flights. Cathay Pacific has stated that they intend to try out more OmniPork dishes as part of their commitment to creating inflight dining experiences of the future.

Air New Zealand

On Air New Zealand, you can pre-order a variety of vegan meals. They’ve also been known to experiment with Impossible burgers on select flights and continue to expand their vegan network on both US-bound flights and abroad.

Ari Somerfield

Ari Somerfield

Ari is a writer, filmmaker, and amateur Los Angeles vegan scene encyclopedia. He loves to travel and, at the same time, considers himself a homebody, so it’s not uncommon to find him abroad one day and back in LA the next. During his free time, you’ll find him playing Settlers of Catan with friends, catching classic films at the American Cinematheque, and dining at any and every vegan restaurant he can find.

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