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10 Must-Try Vegan and Gluten-Free Pizzas in Los Angeles

So you and wheat aren’t exactly BFFs, does that mean you gotta miss out on America’s favorite utensil-less dish? Absolutely not! Here are 10 Vegan and Gluten-Free pizza’s that will have you shook!

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So you and wheat aren’t exactly BFFs, does that mean you gotta miss out on America’s favorite utensil-less dish? Absolutely not! Here are 10 Vegan and Gluten-Free pizza’s that will have you shook!

Purgatory Pizza

For the southern superhero: Thor’s BBQ

If purgatory is hell, we will gladly walk through it for Purgatory’s vegan gluten-free Thor’s BBQ pizza! This pie comes served one size—a 12-inch personal pizza—the perfect excuse not to have to share. The gluten-free crust is thin and crispy with just the right amount of bite. Thor’s BBQ pizza is topped with Follow Your Heart cheese, sweet bbq sauce, and perfectly braised, tender jackfruit. Pickle-y red onion, ripe pineapple, their housemade vegan ranch drizzle, and a sprinkling of cilantro round out this superhero-approved pizza.

Hankering for dessert? Finish off your meal with a vegan gluten-free Shugah Mama cookie from the counter.


For the health guru and crystal lover: Cherry Bomb!

LA is on the forefront of health trends, and by now you’ve probably heard of the ailment-solving properties of charcoal lemonade. But have you heard of an activated charcoal crust pizza?! Jewel’s gluten-free Cherry Bomb! pizza will have you rethinking what you thought about your favorite hangover remedy. This black-crusted pizza made with garlic-fennel cream, roasted cherry tomatoes, and wilted kale is topped with the dreamiest house-made almond ricotta that will have you questioning what kind of sorcery they are doing back in Jewel’s kitchen.

Feeling creative? You can build your own gluten-free activated charcoal pizza along with three of Jewel’s all organic, locally-sourced and sustainable topping options.

Fresh Brothers

For the vegan “meat” monster: Impossible Pizza

As most of you know, the gluten-free gods have decided to bless us with the new and improved Impossible burger 2.0! Fresh Brothers is serving it up sausage style on their Impossible pizza which you can order on their gluten-free crust in medium or personal size. The perfectly chewy crust made of a rice, tapioca, and potato blend comes cut into convenient palm-sized squares. Top this bad boy off with some Daiya and your favorite toppings and you’ve got yourself an Impossible-y delicious pizza.


For when you are trying to impress that Tinder date: Beyond Sausage Pizza on GF Crust

For when you want to treat yourself to a fancy pizza pie with swanky scenery, peruse through Cecconi’s plant-based section of their menu and request the Beyond Sausage pizza on their gluten-free crust. The rice flour-based crust is cooked to sublime crisp status on its own pizza pan separate from other crusts in Cecconi’s wood fire oven. They top it off with Beyond Sausage crumbles, mushrooms, tomato, vegan ricotta, and basil.

Order one of their delightful organic wines to go with your pie while you scan the room for celebrities (we’ve heard Ellen Degeneres and Gwen Stefani are frequent guests).

Califlower Pizza

For when you wanna Netflix and chill: Shroom With A View on Sweet Potato

Because some days you get up at 7am, meditate, go for a hike, and write a thirty-two page multi-cam pilot presentation. And other days, you stay in bed in emoji sweatpants and consecutively binge-watch all eight Harry Potter films. It’s called BALANCE. And for the latter, Califlower Pizza has your back. This delivery-only entirely gluten-free restaurant has three beautiful veggie-based crust flavors—cauliflower, sweet potato, and beet. Request The Schroom With A View vegan style on the sweet potato crust and be transformed to mushroom heaven. A symphony of crimini, portobello, and white mushrooms top their house-made sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese.

Feeling SUPER hungry? Tell them to throw in their Vegan Buffalo Wings with vegan ranch for a spicy sidekick to your pizza.


For the one who loves brunch: Vegan Breakfast Scramble on GF Crust (Sans Vegan Sausage)

Because everyone and their mom loves weekend brunch. And Pizzanista’s Vegan Breakfast Scramble on their GF Crust is worth showing up in last night’s LBD for. Available on weekend’s between 11am and 3pm, this pizza, requested on Pizzanista’s infamous gluten-free crust, includes an entire pie complete with tomato sauce, Daiya vegan cheese, tofu scramble, caramelized onions, mushrooms & basil. Just make sure to ask for no vegan sausage, which is NOT GF.

Trying to continue the party from the night before? Order a carafe of fresh OJ + bottle of Mercat Brut Cava. Mimosas + Pizza = the ultimate brunch bffs.

The Pizza Plant

For the stoner: The Half Baked on GF Crust (Sub House Sausage for GF Italian Sausage)

Looking to chill out? The Pizza Plant’s got you covered. This one of a kind, nacho fusion pie gets its name from the Alpen Organics CBD-infused olive oil used to brush the crust. Ask for their quinoa whole grain GF crust and it’ll come out CBD-infused and massively topped with Plant Craft nacho cheese, black beans, chipotle salsa, Plant Craft cashew sour cream, shredded cabbage, avocado, cilantro, cherry tomato, hemp seeds, jalapeño, and sausage (make sure to sub the House Sausage for their GF Italian Sausage). This stoner’s paradise wouldn’t be complete without the half-ounce carafe of extra CBD infused olive oil they give you to drizzle over your pie. You’ll feel chill and cure the munchies all in one go.

You can also feel great about your pizza purchase, because for every pie sold, Pizza Plant donates a custom-sized individual pizza to Union Station Homeless Services.

Julie Goes Green

For the spice seeker: Tony Spicy Pizza on GF crust

There are two types of people in this world—the kind who get a whiff of sriracha and begin to instantly sweat and the type who carry their own bottle in their bag around like Beyonce. If you are the latter, this heat-inducing pizza is the one for you. Ask for the Tony Spicy on their gluten-free crust at this all-vegan joint and be met with a personal-sized symphony of spicy tomato sauce, red onion, green bell pepper, tomato, jalapeno, vegan mozzarella, and the juiciest most convincing vegan shrimp you’ve ever seen.

Follow Your Heart Market & Cafe

For the control freak: Build-Your-Own on GF crust

If you didn’t know that your favorite grocery chain vegan cheese—Follow Your Heart—had their own market and restaurant in Canoga Park, you heard it here first. You’re welcome. The restaurant is filled with a delicious array of vegan dishes all using Follow Your Heart cheese (duh) including their Build-Your-Own pizza. The three-step pizza building process lets you first choose your sauce (marinara, pesto, or creamy yeast sauce), then your cheese (Follow Your Heart pizzaria blend or dairy rennetless mozzarella), and lastly your veggie toppings (3 included in the price). Get this baby on the gluten-free crust and you’ve got yourself one melty, cheesy, personalized pie.

Dough Girl

For when you have a sweet tooth: Selfie Vegan S’more’s Pizza on GF crust

Because who says pizza is only limited to savory flavors? Jonesing for a little dessert pizza pie? Look no further than Dough Girl’s Selfie Vegan S’mores Pizza. Order this bad boy on the gluten-free crust and they’ll give you 12 inches of nostalgic perfection. The pie’s vegan marshmallows, vegan fudge, and vegan chocolate chips will have you feeling transported to a simpler time spent singing songs by a campfire.

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