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How Tower 28 Is Transforming Clean Beauty

This AAPI-owned brand will be your new beauty obsession.

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This AAPI-owned brand will be your new beauty obsession.

While it’s important for your skincare to be cruelty-free and vegan, remember to check off clean! When we talk clean beauty, we’re talking about products made with safe and wholesome ingredients for everyone. We spoke to Tower 28’s founder Amy Liu about how she’s making non-toxic skincare and makeup products the norm in the industry.

Tower 28 Makes Clean Beauty Accessible for All

After much trial and error on what works best for her skin, founder Amy Liu created Tower 28—a clean beauty brand for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones! “As someone who suffered from pretty severe eczema as an adult, I was struggling to find high-performance products that were accessible, clean, and fun. We are a beauty brand your skin can truly count on (no matter your sensitivities),” shared Liu.

Tower 28 follows the National Eczema Associations’ guidelines when formulating its skin-saving products. You won’t find animal-derived ingredients, synthetic or natural fragrances, essential oils, or talc. Instead, they use nourishing formulas that soothe irritation, reduce redness, and improve skin texture. Did we mention all items are gluten-free?

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Tower 28’s Good-for-You Skincare and Beauty

The brand’s SOS Skincare Set consists of bestsellers like the Daily Rescue Spray—full and travel size—along with the Intensive Rescue Serum. Its star ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that combats blemishes, rosea, and eczema while strengthening the skin’s barrier. Add this to your morning and night routine to give your skin the hydro-boost it deserves!

The AAPI-owned brand also stocks an eye-catching lineup of skincare-infused beauty products that will keep you hooked! Tower 28 has everything you need to create an everyday dewy look, from highlighting balms and cream bronzers to lengthening mascaras and versatile liners. A customer favorite is SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen. Available in 17 shades, this skin must-have is a 2-in-1 mineral sunscreen that offers light-medium coverage while embracing your natural skin.

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Courtesy of Tower 28

AAPI Representation in the Beauty Community

Not only does Tower 28 transform the way we talk about clean beauty, but they are putting AAPI representation at the forefront. “Growing up in California as a Chinese American, I always felt like such an outsider, and I wanted to create Tower 28 to break that mold of what a beach-y LA beauty brand looks like. Because at the beach, you truly do see every kind of person (not just the blonde, blue-eyed models we are used to seeing in advertisements), and it’s a place where everyone gets to enjoy a healthy, fun lifestyle,” Liu shared with VegOut.

She continued, “We’ve definitely had to break through some pretty narrow stereotypes to get where we are today, and I’m so glad to see more and more AAPI-founded brands pop up every day. Asian representation in beauty has changed a lot since I was younger, but it still has a long way to go, and I hope that Tower 28 not only encourages other minority-owned brands but also broadens our perspectives in the industry.”

Inclusivity shouldn’t be another beauty trend but, instead, a foundation for brands to build on. Tower 28 is reshifting the way we see ourselves in beauty and continues to reiterate why diversity and representation matter. To learn more about Tower 28, visit Tower28Beauty.com. To stay up-to-date on new product launches, follow them on Instagram.

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