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Kulfi Celebrates South Asian Beauty Year-Round

This South Asian-owned brand is breaking cultural and beauty norms, and we’re all for it.

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Courtesy of Kulfi

This South Asian-owned brand is breaking cultural and beauty norms, and we’re all for it.

Kulfi is all about fun, bold, and vibrant beauty. This South Asian-owned brand crafts eye-catching makeup products, and we’re obsessed! In this article, founder Priyanka Ganjoo talks about how her beloved makeup company started, the importance of inclusivity, and why you should include this cosmetic line in your get-ready routine ASAP!

Breaking Cultural and Beauty Norms

Founder Priyanka Ganjoo launched Kulfi as a tribute to her culture and love for makeup. Though she was met with stigmas and judgment, she didn’t conform to cultural norms and embraced beauty for what it is—fun. “When naming the brand, I was thinking back to the moments when I felt carefree and playful, and I remembered eating kulfi on a hot summer day in Delhi. Kulfi is a South Asian ice cream with delicious flavors, textures, and colors, and we eat it at all the celebrations. I felt the name captured what I wanted the brand to be: approachable, playful, and inspired by my South Asian heritage,” said Ganjoo.

It’s no secret the makeup industry overtly adheres to Western beauty standards. When asked about the importance of South Asian representation in beauty, Ganjoo shared, “Many of us didn’t feel beautiful, because we didn’t see ourselves being celebrated in beauty campaigns. In fact, our features, skin tone, and hair texture were things we needed to hide or fix, and that’s the ideal the beauty industry has been selling for decades. We’re challenging those norms through our products, which we developed taking into consideration undertones and skin tones often not included in mainstream brands.”

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Courtesy of Kulfi

Kulfi’s Must-Have Beauty Products

The vegan beauty brand offers a colorful lineup of makeup staples for all skin types. Their newest launch, Mehndi Moment Blush, is made with warm pink, rosy brown, and coral undertones to compliment deeper skin tones. Want to achieve a bold eye look? Go for their Kajal Eyeliner. Available in seven shades, this liner leaves a vibrant, long-lasting finish.

While the brand stocks multiple must-tries, their concealers are a customer favorite. Awarded as the 2022 Byrdie Beauty winner, Kulfi’s concealers come in 12 shades that deliver a flawless application—no caking or creasing.

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Courtesy of Kulfi

Going Beyond Makeup

Kulfi Beauty recognizes the close tie between self-expression and mental health. By cultivating a confident community of makeup lovers, they’re ensuring mental wellness is a core value. “Talking about mental health is still taboo in South Asia and many immigrant communities. We started with workshops focused on setting boundaries and unpacking shame. We are donating to organizations such as the Asian Mental Health Collective and creating content on our social channels to continue the conversation,” said Ganjoo.

Wearing makeup should be fun, authentic, and a manifestation of our truest selves. So, give yourself a pop of color and add Kulfi Beauty to your beauty routine today. To learn more, visit KulfiBeauty.com and remember to follow them on Instagram for product launches!

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