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We Tried This New Better-for-You Snack and Can’t Put the Bag Down

Made with whole-food ingredients, Hippie Snacks crisps are our new snacktime must-have.

Hippie Snacks
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Hippie Snacks

Made with whole-food ingredients, Hippie Snacks crisps are our new snacktime must-have.

Looking to add a delicious snack made from simple ingredients to your routine? Check out Hippie Snacks, our new snacktime fave! From Guacamole Avocado Crisps to Cheezy Chive Almond Crisps, we can’t put these better-for-you snacks down! Get in on the snackable action with Hippie Snacks crisps.

More Than Just a Plant-Based Snack Company

After pivoting from the original business plan of selling organic tortilla chips, this better-for-you snack brand now offers an innovative lineup of popular plant-based crisps. Based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Hippie Snacks is more than just a plant-based snack company—it’s one of Canada’s founding Certified B Corporations. This vegan-friendly company is committed to selecting high-quality, non-GMO, and whole-food ingredients from local farmers and growers who support sustainable business practices. Hippie Snacks is known for creating ethical and responsible snacks through thoughtful ingredient sourcing and mindful waste reduction—this B Corp is disrupting the snack industry one delicious crisp at a time!

Hippie Snacks Crisps

Through the years, Hippie Snacks has perfected the creation of plant-based snacks that are minimally processed, made with wholesome ingredients, and that taste great! The brand offers crisps made from cauliflower, avocado, and almond in a variety of flavors, including Cheeze, Classic Ranch, and Guacamole. At VegOut, we can’t get enough of the Cheezy Chive Almond Crisps. Containing real almonds as its first and main ingredient, this snackable choice packs protein, fiber, and a whole lot of flavor. With each bite, there’s a nostalgic nod to the cheesy crackers we grew up eating—replicated from wholesome ingredients like almonds, hemp seeds, vegan cheddar seasoning, and chives. The Cheezy Chive Almond Crisps are a simple and delicious snack choice that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Who can say no to plant-based cheddar crisps? We love to take these snackable crisps on road trips, serve them on fancy snack board platters, pack them in our school lunches, and enjoy them as we relax after a long day at work. You won’t want to miss out on these Hippie Snacks crisps!

While Hippie Snacks is located on the West Coast of Canada, a peek at the company’s store finder makes it easy to get your better-for-you snack fix! Can’t seem to source the brand’s granola, clusters, and crisps at a store near you? Find Hippie Snacks available for purchase on Amazon. Follow Hippie Snacks on Instagram for more from this better-for-you snack brand.

Anja Grommons

Anja Grommons


During her studies to become a registered dietitian, Anja—a longtime vegetarian—transitioned to a vegan diet. Living in Kalamazoo, Michigan at the time (Go Broncos!), she met Maggie and Tammie through VegOut Kalamazoo (one of VegOut’s first focus cities) and began collaborating with the duo. When she’s not writing about new vegan eats, practicing as a pediatric clinical dietitian, and virtually coaching fellow plant-based eaters, you can find her creating veg-centric recipes, trying new cruelty-free products, and spending time with her partner Addison and cat Kovu.

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