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Afro-Vegan Virtual Summit Happening This November

Afro-Vegan Society aims to create a more just and sustainable future through this free online event.

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Afro-Vegan Society aims to create a more just and sustainable future through this free online event.

The Afro-Vegan Society will host a virtual summit this November. The National Afro-Vegan Virtual Summit will be a free online event featuring informative panels with guest speakers, plant-based chefs, and medical professionals who promote plant-based eating and a vegan lifestyle.

In addition, keynote sessions and cooking demos will also be included in the event. Past events have featured plant-based doctor panels, cooking demos, wellness sessions, and keynote speakers who highlight the benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle.

“The Afro-Vegan Conference Virtual Summit was inspired by our commitment to offer the most current, culturally relevant resources and information to support and inspire people from marginalized communities to begin making healthier, kinder, more sustainable choices,” Brenda Sanders, Founder & Executive Director of Afro-Vegan Society, told VegOut.

Volunteer with Afro-Vegan Society

The Afro-Vegan Society is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide information on veganism, support, easy to follow recipes, and a directory of Black-owned vegan restaurants in order to help people in underserved communities transition to vegan living.

The organization is also proud to be partnered with fellow vegan nonprofits such as Better Food Foundation, A Well-Fed World, VegFund, Food Empowerment Project, Mothers Against Dairy, Milk Hurts, and The People’s Fund. Those looking to volunteer with Afro-Vegan Society and their partner organizations can do so by filling out the volunteer form on the organization’s website.

The Dairy-Free Future Campaign

In addition to the virtual summit, Afro-Vegan Society is also currently running The Dairy-Free Future Campaign, which highlights the importance of eliminating dairy items from everyday diets and offers information through online resources like videos, articles, cooking demos, meal plans, and more.

The National Afro-Vegan Virtual Summit will take place on Saturday, November 13 from noon-5pm EST. For more information and to register for the event, visit AfroVeganSociety.org/Events.

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