Vegan Holiday Wine Guide

Vegan Holiday Wine Guide

Dec 22, 2019 BY: Tammie Ortlieb

Raise your glass to the end of the decade and the beginning of … well … lots of vegan things. But first, let’s take a look at that wine.

You don’t want to toast the start of a new year without the proper riesling or chardonnay. But it’s just a bunch of grapes, right? Wrong. To learn how to tell if that pinot gris you’re holding is vegan, read here (hint: it has something to do with egg whites and fish bladders). But we’re not here to school you on the wine-making process today. No. We’re here to fill your glass!

Choose one of these 10 vegan wines to help you ring in the new year! Cheers!

Proudly Vegan

Keep your holiday toast selection simple with these award-winning 100% vegan—”right down to the ink and glue on the labels”—wines. Enjoy Proudly Vegan Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rosé as well as Prosecco.

Proudly Vegan was voted UK VegFest2019 “Best Vegan Alcoholic Drink.”


Winc’s online membership program makes the holidays merrier! Receive four bottles of wine tailored to your taste preferences and delivered to your door. You have the option of reds, whites, or both. Just be sure to select the vegan filter.

Bottles start at $12.99. Click here to take $22 off your first box + get free shipping!

Obvious Wines

You can drink it, but you can’t describe it. With Obvious Wines, there’s no need to sniff your pinot noir while gently swirling the glass, pretending you know something about anything, babbling on floral notes, the bouquet, or a smooth finish. Rich & Oaky, French & Bubbly, Bright & Crisp, and Dark & Bold are just a few of the wines to choose from at this “keep it simple” company. Supporting sustainable farming practices, Obvious makes your holiday adult beverage selection … well … obvious.

Order online by the bottle and pick up some swag while you’re there.


Wine in a can? Count us in! Organic, sustainable, and gluten-free, because … drink responsibly, right? Choose from All Day Rosé (a refreshing … wait for it .... rosé) or Just Right White (a tasty blend between sweet and dry). Order online in packs of 6, 12, or 24 with the option for one-time or monthly purchase. For those of you struggling with the math, six cans of Besa is the equivalent of two bottles of wine.

According to the company’s super formally-tested findings, Besa pairs well with “Boozy Jenga, dark chocolate and PJ’s, and bubble baths.” So order some wine, order some vegan desserts, and have a night in.

Vegan Wines

Staying home for a little Netflix and … cheersing? Check out this online vegan wine club (hey, the wine drinking doesn’t end just because the new year’s rung in!). Once you customize your order, you’ll receive a hand-selected seasonal shipment straight to your door, including sommelier tasting notes and vegan recipes to pair with the wines.

Vegan Wines sources a good amount of product from independent, family-owned businesses with a nice selection of organic wines. And did we mention the option to add vegan cheeses to your order? What are you waiting for? Let the celebration begin!

Angeleno Wine Co.

Drink local! Angeleno Wine Co. offers a selection of whites and reds with names that pay homage to the Los Angeles area. Try Bike Path (a fruity red named after the LA River bike path), The Meadow (a rosé coined after a Silver Lake park), or SuperBloom (a white that pays honor to California’s gorgeous explosion of floral life).

Order online or visit the tasting room at 1646 North Spring St.—open Saturday (12pm-8pm), Sunday (12pm-6pm), and by appointment other days of the week. Bring yo dogs. Bring yo kids. Angeleno Wine Co. is pet and family friendly.

Trader Joe's

Celebrating on a budget? Ring in the new year with some “Two-Buck Chuck.” For you lovers of reds, Trader Joe’s offers its $1.99 Charles Shaw cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, and merlot in vegan-friendly form. While you’re there, pick up some snackage for that New Year’s Eve bash you’ve got planned.

Frey Vineyards

This California-based all-vegan award-winning vineyard practices organic, eco-conscious, and gluten-free production methods. Order online from a selection of red wines, whites, and gift packs, with discounts for larger orders. Or join the club and receive three hand-selected shipments (6-bottle and 4-bottle options) per year with special offers for members.


Say it jeer-uh-so-lay. This vegan-friendly Mendocino County vineyard is GMO-free and certified organic. Incorporating sustainable farming practices into their production methods, they offer a moderate selection of wines including chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, pinot blanc, sangiovese, and hybrid red.

Purchase online with a 10% discount for case orders. Girasole wines can also be found in many groceries and restaurants.

Cakebread Cellars

While not every wine at Cakebread is vegan, the company does offer an extensive selection of vegan options. Check with staff at the winery for assistance in choosing. You can shop online to make a one-time purchase or join the club. Cakebread offers gift collections as well.

So here’s to 2019! May the new year bring you multiple vegan options on every menu and a vegan burger with every order of fries.


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