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World’s First Rain Boot Made from Coffee Launches

Ccilu recently launched the XpreSole Panto, a versatile rain boot that’s 100% waterproof and eco-friendly.


Ccilu recently launched the XpreSole Panto, a versatile rain boot that’s 100% waterproof and eco-friendly.

Sustainable footwear brand Ccilu just launched the world’s first rain boot made from coffee grounds. The XpreSole Panto is the perfect combination of lightweight, durable, trendy, and eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Shoes Made from Coffee Grounds

Did you know that 25 billion kilograms of coffee waste is produced every year? Only 4% of that amount is properly recycled which means most of the waste gets dumped in a landfill—which, in turn, increases the amount of greenhouse gases released in the atmosphere. It’s a terrible reality, which is why we’re so impressed with how Ccilu utilizes coffee waste in the construction of their XpreSole Panto shoe.

The XpreSole Panto is certified vegan, featuring a combination of recycled eco-friendly materials—primarily, coffee grounds! So, how do we get eco-friendly shoes made from coffee grounds? Well, Ccilu has developed a new technology that allows them to turn discarded coffee grounds into high-quality materials that are used to construct the XpreSole Panto. Each pair is made from about 15 cups of used coffee grounds, helping to reduce CO2 and methane emissions as well as landfill waste.

XpreSole Panto Rain Boot

Here’s how the XpreSole Panto rain boot is made:

  • First, Ccilu sources spent coffee grounds from local coffee shops in Taiwan.
  • Then, they dehumidify the coffee grounds and turn them into pellets using patented technology.
  • After that, the pellets are transformed into fabrics (like coffee yarn) that Ccilu uses in the lining and insole of the XpreSole Panto.
  • The rest of the coffee-based pellets are used to create the shell and outsole of the shoe.
  • And last but not least, Ccilu crafts the lace entirely from recycled plastic bottles!

In the end, about one-third of the shoe’s mass consists of upcycled coffee grounds. You can rest easy knowing the other materials used to construct the XpreSole Panto—recycled rubber, LYCRA, and Eco EVA, to name a few—are sustainable, too.

The Perfect Vegan Shoe for any Climate or Occasion

The XpreSole Panto is the perfect vegan shoe for any climate or occasion! It’s durable enough to withstand a hike or walk through the snow but lightweight and breathable enough to wear on a shopping trip, long workday, or whatever other shenanigans you find yourself doing.

If you’re a numbers person, the boots weigh only 8 ounces, which is about one-third the weight of a pair of traditional boots. The outsole dries quickly, offers nice rubber traction, and is 100% water- and dirtproof. The inside of the shoe features a removable odor-resistant insole that keeps your feet dry and fresh all day long.

Ccilu has tested the XpreSole Panto in mud, sleet, and snow. The results? Dry and cozy feet no matter the weather. And if your shoes get a little dirty, you can just throw them in the washing machine to clean them! That’s right, the XpreSole Panto is machine washable and can sustain up to 100 wash cycles.

Ccilu President and CEO, Wilson Hsu, shared, “Our business has been creating sustainable footwear for a decade, and in creating the XpreSole Panto, we wanted to address a type of waste that’s frequently overlooked, but one that has a significant environmental impact. At the same time, we wanted to create a piece of footwear that’s eminently wearable and suitable for any number of occasions—whether commuting across town, hitting a hiking trail, or as part of a smart-casual outfit for a night out. The XpreSole Panto isn’t just a boot—it’s a commitment to reimagining how the industry produces footwear.”

Want to Buy the XpreSole Panto Boots?

Ccilu’s new coffee-based boots will be available in four colorways in high-top and low-top models. The brand launched a Kickstarter campaign for the XpreSole Panto on June 15th with a goal of $10,000. They’ve already surpassed the 400% mark and are still going strong until July 20th. As of now, you can pledge to back the project to reserve your shoes and receive a discount on your purchase.

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