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Vegan Dining Month Comes to NYC for Veganuary

Dozens of chain and independent restaurants in the city are joining the vegan challenge for the new year!

New York

Dozens of chain and independent restaurants in the city are joining the vegan challenge for the new year!

Veganuary is here again and this year, more restaurants than ever are participating in the new year vegan challenge! New York City is the place to be this month, with dozens of restaurants offering vegan specials for the entire month.

Veganuary in New York City

Veganuary is an annual challenge put on by a nonprofit organization that encourages people to try plant-based foods for the month of January. Each year, more and more people take the Veganuary pledge. As the challenge grows each year, many brands use it as an opportunity to introduce new products.

This year, Veganuary is taking over New York City. Dozens of restaurants are offering plant-based specials and promotions to support those giving the Veganuary challenge a go. In addition to these food specials, the Veganuary ad campaigns can be found on NYC subways and in restaurants, bodegas, and gyms across the city.

Veganuary specials can be found in a variety of restaurants across the city, from small cafes to fine dining restaurants offering fully vegan prix fixe menus. Popular vegan restaurants such as Cinnaholic, PLNT Burger, and Lekka Burger are getting in on the action, as well as several staple non-vegan restaurants such as Ayza and Zooba Eats.



Vegan Dining Month Launches in NYC

In addition to hosting its largest Veganuary yet, New York City is hosting its first Vegan Dining Month this month as well. Vegan Dining Month was started by Diana Edelman of Vegans, Baby in Las Vegas. It has since expanded and this year will include Portland and New York City as well.

Vegan Dining Month aims to highlight the diverse culinary climate of each city. “The vegan dining scene in NYC is one of the most diverse and massive in the world and I wanted to celebrate that,” said Edelman. “Having it coincide with Veganuary made so much sense … I wanted to make it even easier and show [people] they could go out to eat and be vegan and miss nothing by doing so.”

More than 20 restaurants are participating in Vegan Dining Month by highlighting particular dishes on their menus. Portions of the proceeds for each dish will be donated to Support + Feed, a non-profit organization that aims to combat food insecurity.

For a full list of restaurants participating in Veganuary and Vegan Dining Month in NYC, visit VegansBaby.com.

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